Wednesday, December 28, 2011

aftah Xmas sale

Mama, it wuz not wurth convincing Dada to spend da $3.99 :(

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Sunday, December 25, 2011


So, i heard dis name, kissmas. so i gabe mama lots of kisses today.

It was a gud morning akshully! i got up, an den i got two new toys! i dun know why! den we went ovah to dada's pawents house, an hung out! I dun know why! I did get some tweats doh.
Den we got home, an i pwayed wif my toys again! den i fell aseep. da night is not ovah, but i know wike, twee hours or somefing wiffout a nap is way too wong for any day, even a kissmas day!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bad mama :(

Today wuz howwible. Well it stawted off gud. We sept in, an den mama hugged me foh a while, an den we got up! We went ovah to dada's pawents house an WEFT daisy den mama an one of da LANDfish, went to...da VET! I wuz happee an got on da scale by myself (51lbs) an went in da met da nurse who had da sniffles dat mama was worried of gettin germs from (lol) an i wuz fine...but wen da sniffleNurse came back in da woom,i smelled WITE away dat she had....da termomotor! I went an hid behind mama, but dat wuz da WONG ting to do...she stuck it up my butt!!!!
It was onwy downhill fwom der. I's had to hab my eye cweaned out, cuz i had.. goo in it cuz i skwatched it. i din do it on purpose. :(
i had to go in da oddah woom WIFFout mama. i wuz shakin an scawed. mama wuz weely sad, she said (hrumph) but den she wuz destwacted cuz da wandfish had to be pwobed an pwodded too. i guess it wuzzent sick doh, but had to cwean out it's nose. I kinna fewt bad for it waiter...cuz i knew how howwible da vet is! I wuz gwad to see mama again an go home.
Wen we got home, mama put da wandfish up, an den we went to go get daizy...but we stayed an mama an dada had fud cuz i guess it's dada's birffday today! den mama went to dada an i waited foh her. we all home now, an i got cookies :) wuz a wong day!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I dun sent out mail today! I shared my Punkin Molasses cookies! Whew, mama az been waizy an doing wurk insted of making cookies foh me to send out! Finawee she did it doh. Bout time mama!

Well, oddah den dat i went to da dog pawk today, an pwayed wiff a fwench buwdog. it wuz fun!

hmm i fink dats all dats been goin on! I's take a nap now!

Monday, December 5, 2011


*sigh* It's been so cowld...DEN i went an gots a weepy snotty eye! I had it foh wike, 5 days. at da end, dada wudn't take me for walkies anymoh. (He cawws dem "w's" wen he dunnit want me to know he's talkin bout'em, but i know. well, i suspect.
anyways, i habin't got to go in a few days. My eye is bettah doh. Not weely crusty anymoah. No moh sneezin. I wuz sneezin wike...a hunned times in a woe! It's been soooo windy an cowld! i bet der is so many gud smells floatin awound out der. *sigh*

Mama an dada hab been doing somefing cawld "deocoratin for kismass". mama gibes me kisses aw da tyme. we don't need to cewebwate dat!!!

OH mama just had a showah. I wanted to go in wiff her, but dis tyme i onwy stayed outside da showah doorah, so she put a bwanket on me. I curled up. I did make suah to gib her toe an weg kisses wen she got out doh. didnt eben hab to move out fwom unna my bwanket!

Sunday, December 4, 2011


i is so cowld write now! mama an i is all bundled up, but brrrrrrr! i gots my swetah on too...i'd let mama takes a pictuah but it's too cowld for pictuahs!

Monday, November 28, 2011

U wanna share?

Mama towd me to ask foh addresses fwom all my basset fwinds. She said she wuz gonna make me healfee, gud, tasteee, not allergic tweats for christmas! Mama wurks for da next six days doh, so it won't be for a couple weeks. But she said she thought it wud be good to share wiff eberyone. I'm nice an not mind sharing :)

u can email mama at an dun forget to put in da subject dat yoo wanna eat tweats!


I dun feel good today. i gots my heartworm medicine last night, so mama finks dat may be it....but i is awso havin a bit of an eye goop issue wiff one eye. i fink maybe my sinisus....i been BLAH all day. I ates my food twice doh.
Mama got cawd into work until 9 i is more bummed. i wills update wattter. booo icky :( seems wike a wot of bassets is sick watewe! icky :(

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Mama an dada went cwazy...again. Dis tyme I's had ta sit der an wait foh mama to take pictuah aftah pictuah while dada held a tweat up! I dwooled all ovah mah beard. Daisy had ta do it so did da odda landfish! OH well, i finawwy got dat tweat doh!

Friday, November 25, 2011

child custurdy

Isn't dat wut its cawd when da mama leaves an da Dada sgot to take care of da twiddle ones instead o da good ol mama doin things? I mean mama knows where struff goes, where da food I's...AND wemembas to feed us. Dada forgets to do dat wast one, AND he took down da sliding gwass dog door Cuz it's so cold. Now we has to go tell Dada we needs outside! Takes fohevah foh him to pause his Xbox (its not werwy cardboard so I dun her why its cawd a box!) An wet us out! Pee in da front Dada, poop in da back! Well anyway i's gonna twi to make mama sleep now. I may be a siwwy Basset


ut even I know its gonna b c


xy foh her wurkin retail on tankshgivin shopping day sale!  Sleeeep mama!

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Mama an I were seeping but Dada woke us up!

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

i'm tankfull

i's tankfull foh mama, an dada, an daizy. i's not tankfull i didn't get to twi turkeys today! mama an dada tought i'd be allergic since i's allergic to lots of stuff anyways. it's prolly true. i did get to eat some whipped cream doh, a widdle bit on da flooah :)
weelly, i dun know what i'm missin, so i guess it's otay! :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

sad :(

i's got in twoubble again. mama had da day off wurk, an so she an i slept in! (dats gud!) but den i woke up befoah her an came downstairs an....knocked ovah da twashcan an spilled it all out ovah da flooah!
I knew i did bad. wen mama came down, i hid in my bed. She wuz all quite in da kitchen cweaning it up...but den she twicked me. She got bweakfast out, an gabe daizy i waited. I waited. finalwwy i came in da kitchen, an dat's wen mama caught me an shook da twash can at me an towd me i wuz bad :(
Aftah i got punished, she gabe me brweakfast doh.

I's been in my bed aseep now.

I KNOWS i gets in twouble wen i get into da twash. WHy do i dos it den?? poor me!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

gotta go!

it's been waining...i dun wanna go potty in da wain! I been holding in da poo! I gotta go, but i's not gonna go in da wain! i made mama take me out da fwont door, an i pee'd unda da oveah-hang ...i's not weely supposed ta do dat in the townhouse complex...uh, but hewwo's WAINING.

How am i supposed to go poop? :(

Thursday, November 17, 2011

poor famawee

Furst Dada got sick, now mama iz den Daisy frew up in her bed wast nite, an mama sez she finks dayze did it again, but dat we're goin back to seep foh a bit wonger Cuz mama haz to weeve an go to wurk soon. BUT mama sez she had to eurk hard so she stands out, Cuz den too get morah hours. I towd her to wurk soft an stand in, so den I gets mor hours wiff her! Silly mama sez she may gonna have to wurk at an office job again,Eben doh petsmawrt iz so cool. Sumtin about dat dawn munny stuff again.

I sez  MAMA!  We don't need munny stuff! Wets go huntin for foods! But she pointed out that all I find in da woods iz deer poops to eat an she Don wanna et dat.  WElllll fine den mama yoo cen juss hab da odder poos i be find! Siwwy mama

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Monday, November 14, 2011

mama's wap

dis wut i do all da tyme. i wook forward to it! nofing is bettah den lying wiff mama on da flooah, an gettin weady for a nap!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

yeah so..

i's kinda bein a brat write now. So what?? i totally stole a wrapper from dada's trash. yeah, he caught me, an yelled at me, but i just wan down stairs an hid by mama. she told me she wuzn't gonna pwotect me, so i just sat der wooking upstairs wiff my ears up an twin to figuah out whut happened!

i awso got a wrappah fwom mama's twash tonighte! yeah, no wules foh me! i's totally a big dowg, i can do wut i's want!

i wuz bad :(

i got up in da morning an wuz by i thought i'd comfort myself by sitting in mama's chair! i got up weelized i'd be much more comforted if i found some i wooked an wooked, an knocked off all kinds of not-chapstick stuff off onto the floor....i didn't find any :( but i did find bwight wed lipstick! only a few nibbles der....but i also found...hawoweeen candy! just a bit.

mama came downstairs an go weely mad at me, an made me get in my bed an woulnd't let me out :( i was sad, an den fell aseep.  Aftah she went to work...dada was home! so, to comfort dada dat mama wuz gone, i fought i'd getup in her chair to be near him...he didn't seem to mind, so i thought he wouldn't mind if i just took another wook at dat table for some haowoeen i got spanked! I didn't hurt, an ihab no idea why he did dat! he was fussing an yelling, an i just started at him an wagged my tail an walked away. dada's kinda always yellin to himself anyway : )

Monday, November 7, 2011


eberyting is finawwy back to normal. well dats not tru...its been waining! i hate da wain! i absolutely canNOT go out potty in da wain. I mean, i can, if mama makes me, but it's much bettah to go out in da fwont yard in da wain. so, i ask an ask an ask wen mama gets home cuz i won't go out da back : )

mama an dada had pizza (i didn't get none ):  an watche tupid movies tonight. But it was COWLD cuz of da wain, so i asked mama ovah an ovah to sit in her wap an get warm! she always gives in : ) we got a bwanket an i went to seep, an mama compwained a few times dat her wegs wuz crwamped up, an der wuzn't woom foh me, but we managed!

eben daizy sat wiff dada! otay, well, i fink i'm gonna go up ta bed an pway wiff a squeakah toy an den get all warm wiff mama an seep in, cuz she don haveta wurk tomorrow!! But mama sed she's gonna get a SECOND job soon! i fink dats horrible cuz it's wess mama time. but, hey, someone haz ta buy da pureena around here so i's undahstands! shes onwy wurkin part-tyme anyways. i's still misses my mama doh. Maybe daizy can get a job so mama haz to wurk less! : )

Sunday, November 6, 2011

weft! again!

i tells you da wife of a basset iz a hawd ting. mama an dada twicked me da odda day, and weft me an daizy wif liska an callie (dada's mom & dad's dogs)...i had gone outside in da gwass, an wuz wunning wiff daizy an wen i came back...mama an dada were gone!!! apparwentwee dey went to sum pwace cawd "meks-i-ko"...sum town cawed "pwerto vie-ar-ta" yoo guessed it...went DIVING. i can't beweeve mama iz awaz weeving me for tupid feesh!

Here, see da evadence?

dey took pictuahs to be insulting

and DEN dada did even moh! He took Videos!!!
Just to be MOH insulting!

I dun know wut to fink. dey didn't even bwing me back anyfing. i was weely happy to see dem wen dey got back, but i did twi to ignoah dem wen we got home. mama did twi to make it up to me, but i iz having none of dat. i mean, weely, de weft me, den dey got home an messed around wiff da airsqueakah, an da landfish, an da fish-feesh, an den expect me to be nice? no! I kinda got ovah it doh, cuz i got weel itchy again while dey were gone so i got a hydro-kort-i-zone spway baff, an some benidryl, so i waz kinna sweepy. mama an dada been weel nice to me, an making me feel bettah, an i got tweats, so...maybe i's forgibe dem a bit. i kinda too sweepy to be mad still.
but i did make surah to glare at dem a bit. dey need to know, aftah all. dey shudn't weave der bowser!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


powah mama...she's been wurking so much watewee! I hab been twying to get as much time wif her az i can, so i habn't been on da computah much either.
She went to da POUND (i fink dat is a bad pwace, Daisy sez she's been der an it's howwible, so i'm gwad ive never had to go der!) an brought guessed it...MORE landfish! i guess deez landfish needed a home. Der iz two of dem. Bowff of dem are juss wike two odder landfeesh mama has...she cawls dem "ball pyfons". I fink mama has wike...11 landfish now...weelly!  One of dem eben i felt sowwy for because it was weely skinny. Hey, i guess eben landfish can eat *rolls eyes* wutevah, i still bite my landfish toy whenebber mama spends too much time wiff dem instead of me!

So, i guess one day wen we hab our own house mama is gonna be taking in all kind of landfish...she called it a "snake wescue". She is twying to come up wiff a name for her wescue. I suggested "toopid landfeesh pwace dat takes my mama" but she wudn't go for it =P

OH i did get to go to da dog pawk today!!! I wan and wan and WAN wiff dis one dog. I is sooo tired tonight! good funs : )

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


*sigh* well dis iz wut mama did to me da oddah night. She said dat her an dada wudn't be here for tumting cawld...hawooween..? so furst i wuz wike...wut yoo not gonna be here for WUT?? i dun care wut it iz i wunna know why dey not gonna be here!!
But den i got distwackted cuz mama went an put deez on me : (
guess dis one cawd a bananaerpuss.
diss link show a nannerpuss

dis dey cawld a mad cow. dunno a cow but yeh, i wuz mad to be a cow.

dis tomting tupid i fink wike, a poweece man or somefing. i fink mama sed she got dis foh fwee fwom somewhere, an i can tell why. it's extra tupid.

i juss gabe up at dis point. it weely da final insult. mama dun dwessed me up wike a tupid landfish. member she gots all kinds o landfish...da snakesez kind, an da airfish, well dis iz a tupid pider-landfish. i dun even care no moh. dis wuz just so much tupid dat i feww aseep!

So, dat wuz my night a few nights ago. da only good ting is she didn't dwess me up wike a fish, or an air wuz all juss hoomilleating. at weast it wasn't a baff. *sigh!!*


Az a professional organizer i had someone else type dis list up foh me.

Bowser's rules of organization:

Mama or Dada must be near at all times.
You can ONLY poop by the back fence.
You can ONLY pee in the potty box.
Exceptions: As soon as it's dark, you may only pee on the grass in the front yard. You must bug all humans and cry until you are allowed to go out the front to pee. Pooping is still okay in the back yard by the fence, but only if the porch light is on. There is no going out the back until the porch light is on.

Water must be consumed in gallons.
At night, and once upstairs, you may only drink water upstairs. If a human tries to give you water downstairs, ignore them, go upstairs, and wait by the upstairs water bowl until the human gives in and gives you water in that location.

Every night before bed it is time to play with a toy. Squeaker toys are preferred, but quite ones are acceptable if dada is already asleep.

All toys, at any time of day, must be soft and fuzzy. No socks. No rubber.
Paper can be chewed instead of a toy, but before bed there is no exception to the toy rule.

Once in the kitchen, one rug must be lied on. If mama is at the sink, take the one by the microwave. If a human is by the microwave, don't move.

When dada makes nachos, make sure to be in the kichen salivating, because he ALWAYS drops some.

When dada leaves for work, his side of the bed is forefit.

Always guard mama when she's in the bathroom. She might never come out! Plop outside the door loudly, and if she lets you in, be wary that sometimes that means it's bath-time.

Never eat pills that you're given, only eat them if you've stolen the pill bottle for them. That way you can see what you're getting.

Make sure to keep on eye on mama's chapstick at all times. Grab it as SOON as she gets up and leaves it, that way there is plenty of time to eat it before she gets back.

Monday, October 17, 2011


went on a walk today wiff mama an dada! DEN we went to makdonawds, an mama gabe me a bite of her chicken mcnuggy! Even doh i'm not supposed to hab chicken...we came home an i kept staring at the chicken nuggies an waggin my tail, she said she coudn't wesist!
Doh she did make me wurk for it...i had to get a shampooless shampoo spray baff fiurst cuz she said i stink :(
dun she know i wurk all day on gettin dat purfeckt smell? Ugh mama.

hmm wut else....well last night mama dwessed me up in some tupid corstooms. She got pictuahs but dey iz on her phone an she iz lazy an don put dem on da computah yet.

hmm i awmost caught dat tupid airfish again da odda day, an i got yelled at, but i dun care, i iz gonna get it soon!

wets see...erm...i fink dats it foh now! i's gonna nap.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

lazy day boo

so, today iz a lazy day for mama an dada. ugh, dat pwobaby means no wok, or no fun foh me. doh, sometimes lazy days turn out to be beach dayz...i kinda don't wike doez akshully cuz i get sand everywhah, an thometines i gets saltwatah (nasty fish watah) oh me. stupid feesh. alweady mama sept in wiffout me. i snuck by dada an wan up stairs to kiss mama in da face but den he got me an pulled me back down while mama sept in some MOH. i wuz pwetty happy to see her doh. i cwied an gurgled. i fink you may hab hurd my gurgle in a video. it's not a gwowel, an it's not a whine, but it's a gurgle. when mama doz it back i do it louder an den fweak out : )
sigh...i wike bein lazy, but dis iz weedikulous!

Friday, October 14, 2011

i show dem wen i'm ignored

weneveah mama an dada feed da landfish, i haveta stay in my bed. So, wut i wike to do is furst, i run in da kitchen an get my landfish toy outta da basket, den i hold it in my mouf while dey ignore me an pway wif landfish. it's twu. i hab done it a lot of times. i fink mama an dada get da idea, but dey don't stop feeding doze tupid landfish!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

anodder baff

*sigh* mama makes me get in da showah now. she used to just put me in der, but sometimes she lets me go in da baffwoom wiff her. wike, she will be showahing, an i'll lie outside it. mama sez it's a weird hotel baffwoom. da sink is in da bedwoom, an da showah an da toilet-ting are behind a door an getting in der is weely hawd. I have ta go in and twi to go wite behind da door cuz odderwise der is no woom to shut da door. i'm used to it, so i do dat, but den now sometimes mama tells me to keep going an get in da showah...i twide to back up today when i weelized dats what she wanted, but i had to go in anyway :(

OH well, dada took me on a wok! i twide to eat a an airfish feather i found, but he tod me to spit it out...but it got stuck in my jowels. : )

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

airfish is dumb

who cares what airfish can do??

tupid airfish anyway. i iz not impwessed.

da butts

gotta put'em togever to seep bettah. keeps ya worm.


saphie is a landfish...da furst landfish akshully. i'm used to her. she's okay. none ob da odder landifish wike me, which is otay by me! tupid landfish! i'm not as nervious as i wook, here. i'm pwetty bwave. (she wuz cwaling away anyway :)


oh mama, yoo iz a gud mama, but yor heart iz too big! i fink doh it's cool dat mama wurks at petsmawt, it's kinda bad too. she keeps coming home wiff animals...mainly landfish, dat need homes. mama, we don hab anymore woom! she got a "corn landfish snake" today. some guy wuz twying to get wid of it. oh mama...she sez she wants to "open a weptile wescue". I fink dat means "i wont to fill da house wiff landfish!"

diz haz got to end

mama came home fwom wurk yestahday an brought a TOY for dat TUPID airfish! she spent wike, haff an hour pwaying wif dat airfish an teaching it to put a ball in a basket. I watched fwom my bed an den finawwy got up an watched wite next to mama. I was ignored.
Den tonite it happened again... i had to sit der while mama talked nice to dat airfish, an dat tupid airfish got pats an put a ball in a hoop! it's all tiny an it picks it up with it's sharp tupid mouwf.
Dada said dat dey shud teach daizy an me to put a ball in a hoop. i fink dat's TUPID. but if dat airfish can do it....i can do it BETTAH. we shall see.

BTW, i awmost caught dat airfish tonight when she flew from mama's chair to her tujpid smewwy cage. I waz WEEL close!! mama yelled at me an tumped me on da head, but....i'z gonna twi again anyway : )

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I got awergees sometimes I get benagrill. I wuz winning an pwayin an den benagwill got me
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not piraty enuff

I told mama dis wuz not a good enuff hawowween clothes.she Minn of agreed. And the next I knew she was GONE like longest Wurk day eveah! I fink she took it too seriously. I wonder where she weant did mama go shopping for a pirate costume? cuz dat wud be pwetty cool winch dis one sucked but noe siwy mama is gone :(

edited...sowwy da pictuah didn't show up! here it iz! dis at petsmawt!

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

tupid baff

i aways hates da baffs! i got good rubs doh. An i got to seep in wiff dada today, but missed mama while she wuz at wurk. i didn't get any chicken wigs eiver...but da airfish flew ovah to mama an twide to eat some! tupid airfish! dat makes yoo a kannanabal! i fink i won't hab to try too hard to get wid ov you if yo cwazy!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


mama gabe da tupid air-squeaker some hot pocket, but didn't gib any to me. i am afwaid aftuh some confuzion, i hab decided dat air-squeakah must pay.
now, i'm not a mean basset, but sharing mama, AND her fud? dis not otay!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


i got da best surprise evah! Mama!!!
it was weely late at nite, an mama had gone to dat evil-take-mama-place, wurk.
I wuz upstairs wif dada (he twide to put da gate up, but i figurahd out how to take dat off the wall, no pwoblem!) wen all of a sudden i herd da fwont door unwocking! dada usually unwoks it for mama, but dis time i herd da den it opened! I wuz so surprised! I stawted scweam/gurgle/bawking all da way down da stairs! it was a weely siwwy sound, but i cudn't help it, i wuz too excited! I FLEW ovah stuff dada had in da floor, an landed in mama's lap! der were so man kisses!!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

one post of winks

Otay, juss to catch yoo aw up on my wife a bit. i mean see, mama an dada wike to WEAVE me a wot! it's howwible! dey do dis ting where dey weave me to go to WURK, an den one time dey weft me to go to a pwace cawd den dey weave me to go skuba divin. Well, i FINK mama an dada arr goin to anudder pwace in Novembuh. Dats onwy at da end of dis monff! i dun want to fink about it!
Otay, so anyway, sumtimes i weelize i talk about fings dat might not make sense. so here is aw mama's winks to all her fotos of tings dat her an dada do. I figuah dis iz da best way to catch yoo aw up, in case you wonda why dey ar so weird!
dis mama's scuba fotos
dis some australia fotos
dis some siwwy australia stuff
dis some in australia
Dada sez he wants mama do to dis aw da tyme, an he BOUGHT kyacks. wutevah! dey been sittin in da garage for wike, months! siwwy dada LOL
dis dada's fotos of undahwatah in australia
der is one of mama wif a giant feesh! mama, dats juss howwible.
dis mama's fotos of undawatah in australia
mama sez her expenseeve camera strobe wuz messed up...she was maaaad! she wuden't let me eat it doh, to make it bettah. oh well!
dis der birffdays befoah i came
dis some twaveling fotos befoh i came
see? dey twavel. i hope dey stop dat soon!
weck divin in san dee-eggo
not az gud az it sounds. der is no eggos der afteraw

otay so dat's all caught up now. maybe mama will stop wantin me to put up fotos now! jeez, yoo tink dis wuz her bwog or somefing! oh well, i wub mama. i gonna go give her toe kisses now!

yoo missed it? again!

juss in case yoo  missed some...dis is aww my fotos again! der is sum wif dais in here too. dat doesn't mean yoo shudn't wook doh.

wast kwissmass

oktay so dis is anodder wink to mamas photos of my fotos! dis wuz awso wen i went to oregon. it's a wong car wide. see? OH YEH dis was wen i met SNOW!!!! its cowld but weely fun an bouncy. I awso went swed...sledding...wif mama an dayze!

cwick here for da snow an kissmas!

eazy memoreez

i wuz gonna post lots of pictuahs cuz mama wikes dem....but den i found dat she has a fazebook! i totawwy know wut dat iz. i see mama pway fazeboocks gamez all da tyme wif her laptop in her wap wen I want to be da one bein in her wap!

ANyway....dis shows some pictuahs fwom my furst time visiting gwandma an gwandpa up in oregon!

wook here foh wots of fotos!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

weady foh bed

tomtimes its so hawd to get weady foh bed! mama usually makes a spot foh me an den covahs me up wif her covahs an den we go to seep, an she has her feet wite next to me! last night i decided i needed to make da bed mysef!!!

a bettah made bed

dat did it!!!!

i cant beweeve it

mama an dada weft me AGAIn dis weekend! *sigh* dis tyme i had to stay wiff nana an papa...dada's momma an dada. I stayed wif daisy, an we pwayed a wot, an i wud get a dwink an den shake my head an get watah everywhere : ) dayze just usually gets a dwink an den drwools everywhere, but i wike to make a moh compwete job of tings.

Otay, so mama an dada furst went to a far away an went horseback widing. i akshully hab met horses befoh an i dun wike dem much, so, fail, mama an dada for doing dat!

Den, dey stayed da nite wifout me, in a pwace cawd "san deee-egg-o" furst i was weely mad cuz i tought dat was where eggos wuz fwum, an i wanted sum, but i found out it's not so whutevah! I guess mama an dada just went down der to see more FIESH!.
dey went out on a boat (ew mama haz towd me about deze an she says she gets sick on dem ALL da time, so i'm gwad i wuzn't on a boat) an den dey went scooba divin off da boat, to see anodder boat dat was down undah da wattah! i dun wanna see a booat unda watta, an i dun wanna be on a boat! so i guess it was good dat i stayed here.
So, i akshully felt bad for mama...she got pwetty sick cuz of da boats, an she aslo got WEEL sick, like wiff snott an stuff! Ew mama! I twide to help her out an give kisses when she got home, but i guess all da fish awound here powered down my loving bowsah slobbah, cuz mama didn't get bettah :(

Oak, so mama did find som funny pictuahs to show me. One is still on dada's phone...appawently it was a painting of a guy staring at womens in da womens baffwoom. But dey had deez two to show me on mama's phone.

i don't see da pwobwem here in dis one *shrug*

i guess dada tought dis one wuz funny...he said "why iz only one of der hands oversized...? an i hope der isn't any pepper in doz tacos der eatin!"
I guess it was more funny if you'd been der *nod nod*

Okay, so now to da odda point i need to make. Mama has WAY to much interest in odda animals besides her bowsah! Of all da tings, mama an dada brought guess it...more lanfish!

mama sez dis one is a "wed eyed croc skink"  i akshully tink dis one is otay cuz it juss sits der while i sniff it. mama sed it's a girl an named her Dragon....mama is zilly.

So mama aweady has a landifsh like dis one, it's a...'hog-nose" snakefish. Dis one is kinda green a wittle an iz a baby boy. So now mama has a girl funny nose fish, named copper, an dis here boy wittle fish she's gonna call "peridot"...but i can't say dat wurd, s she said I can calls him Perry.

okay so dats da update! now, mama an dada DID bwing me a toy back fwom der mean-leavin-bowsah-trip...but once I wuz glad dey were home, i been glaring at dem fwom my bed. i did pway wiff da toy for a bit doh. : )

Monday, September 19, 2011

more kinds of fiiish

Mama brought home a airfish. Yoo kin see all da landfish in da backgwound here... she sez we may not keep da airfish, but I sure hope so! I weely want to pway wiff it! Dis da best fish yet!
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Sunday, September 18, 2011

me n mama

Otay now dat tim stupid tim is gone i'm gonna do dis wite! see, i wanted to put piktuahs dat mama wud like so she wud wememba to gib me more pats!

See, here ar me an mama.

an den here ar me an mama doin da ting we wike to do da most!!!

seeeeeping! dats da best!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


mama haz decided dat i need bushin at night! Nooooo!!! I'll show her! wut i do when i get bwushed

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

my bone!

I had to make surah it wuz OK while I ate!
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Bite yor hed tim!
go bak to timwand!
No, furst i bite yor HEAD tim! Den you go! NO, you stay here an get bit!


I is awso wying down wen i do dis, an bite yo head tim. I had a wong time away fwom da interwebs hiding bones fwom daisy. Awso, yo don run away fast.

dat weminds me! i weft my bone!!!!!!!

SleepyTim Time

Ah, in my pictorial wanderings I find that though I sleep on the floor, or in the toybox, Mr BowserTim is ridiculous in his sleeping habits! Just look at this silliness. This would never be comfortable in TimLand!

(These two photos had a BowserFootNote saying "I twide to sweep but had to fowwow mama into da kitchen, wearing my bwanket")