Saturday, May 19, 2012

fud, but not foh me :(

i dun know why mama keeps sayin i's allergic to fud! she says "beef" an "chicken" make me itch! Well yeah...wots of stuff make me itch!!! but it still tastes GUD! she an dada made dis, an i didn't get any :( dey mean :(

I watched dem weel gud in case dey changed der minds or dwopped some, but dey didn't :(
dey had been watchin sum toopid tv show about fud, an wante to make fud.
.......okay so, maybe it wuzn't aw bad...mama sed she felt sowwy foh me, an so water i got some bacon : )

Moma's day

I weely lub my mama!!! We went on a walkie an i picked out some flowahs foh her : ) I eespeshully wiked da ones dat smelled wike anodda dog peed on dem : )


We's went on a hike on last weekendez. It wuz okay...i got BLIZTERS on mah feets! boff my back feets on my toes : ( i dun't care until it got hot, den i wet mama an dada know by lying down, stopping, an not moving. Mama gabe me some watuh, an i finally got up...but kept stoppin more! hey, it was nice to be out but jeez! Finawee mama decided to twick me an go in fwont of dada in da wolk, so den i had to chase her. dun she know she's supposed to stay back wiff me, an we'll stop in da shade an west???
oh well, wen i gots home....i wested for SUH!

Saturday, May 5, 2012


i's been tortured. shuah, i am waggin my tail in da video...but doez pictuahs weely show how sad i weely am...


mah video