Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Dada an I hab been walkin moh den 4 miyles a day, eberry evening! I am so buff! I've got big muckells! I oz wuff an tuff type!
I cub benchpwess wike, 3 pownds. I oz like basset iron man.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

cwazy walkies

boy, we's been on so many walkies dat were LONG lately!
we's dune hikes, an now dada iz walkin me an daizy to diz pawk, an we walks an walks!
i gots sore paws, an mama sed we had to take shorter ones! boo...juss cuz my skin is commin off! who cares? dun needs skin!

oh wells. mamas been wurkin a wot, an going to "cwasses" :( i hates wurk and classes! it means less mama time! BOOO!

well, i gots to convince dada it's still otay to take long walks!