Sunday, July 29, 2012


i's not had much to say watewee. mamas been wurkin, dada's been wurkin...oh dada DID fohget to lock da gate da odda day! Insted of dazee an i bein in da kitchen aw day, i went eberywhere in da house! yaya! mama iz still twinin to see if i ate somefin i shudn't hab! i'll nevah tell!!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

oh noes!

da past coupow days mama wuz not feelin well (boo) but dat ment she stayed home wiff ME an we stayed in bed AW day, an it wuz soo nice! But she sez she has to go bak to dat 'wurk' pwace tomorrow : (
i wuz so happee to hab mama aw to myseff! I wuz cuddlin, an sleepin' an gabe her kisses to show i appeesheeated her bein' home.
oh well, da gud ting is, tonite mama wuz cookin an she messed up makin buskets, so den she gabe dem to me an daizy!!! YES!!!

Mama's shurt tastes gud.

no mama, no pics...okay i's smilin

lubs mama!!

fell asleep. i's is snuggled up to mama's butt here, undah da covahs!

Is more comfutable to lay on mama!

mama makes da best pillow.