Friday, January 11, 2013

cwean toys!

mama washed my toys! she took dem an put dem in da big loud machiney ting, an dey came out all cwean an eben doh i hab dis toy for a whole year, it's wike...what is dis toy?? must be New toy!!!

dis daisy

dis wut daizy does wen she wants her dinnah at liska's house. i hab no idea what she is doin dat foh!


da odda day...mama found somefing howwible. its loud, an she points it at me, an air comes out an hits me in da face, an it's LOUD. i thought she was gonna get me wiff it! i mean, it's just i guess i was otay but dat ting was howwible!!


Dayzee an i gots to open toys! furst, da toy was aw fun cuz i gots to twear it up! den i got a soft toy out! but bolff da toy an da fun papuh ar boff mine. i dun let daisy have nun of dem!

Allllll da pwesents ar mine!!!


dun wanna shake...wanna seep...

singing horror!

dis ting, mama an dada bwought home...i swear i dun know if dey otay in da head sumtimes. so, it's all kissmass an stuff, an der is all kinds of cool stuff to sniff...but dis one was NOT write! it moved an was too loud!


i wuz playin wiff mama...i got her gud! she twies to get my feets an tickles me sometimes but i sed..NO mama, i bites yoo furst!!


Dey are tewwibul! I dun know wut dey are. mama an i found a big HAIR ting, dat smells wike ME. POKES me...i hates'em!
ebery now an den i find da bed, or on da makes me mad!

Mad at whiskuh