Wednesday, December 28, 2011

aftah Xmas sale

Mama, it wuz not wurth convincing Dada to spend da $3.99 :(

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Sunday, December 25, 2011


So, i heard dis name, kissmas. so i gabe mama lots of kisses today.

It was a gud morning akshully! i got up, an den i got two new toys! i dun know why! den we went ovah to dada's pawents house, an hung out! I dun know why! I did get some tweats doh.
Den we got home, an i pwayed wif my toys again! den i fell aseep. da night is not ovah, but i know wike, twee hours or somefing wiffout a nap is way too wong for any day, even a kissmas day!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bad mama :(

Today wuz howwible. Well it stawted off gud. We sept in, an den mama hugged me foh a while, an den we got up! We went ovah to dada's pawents house an WEFT daisy den mama an one of da LANDfish, went to...da VET! I wuz happee an got on da scale by myself (51lbs) an went in da met da nurse who had da sniffles dat mama was worried of gettin germs from (lol) an i wuz fine...but wen da sniffleNurse came back in da woom,i smelled WITE away dat she had....da termomotor! I went an hid behind mama, but dat wuz da WONG ting to do...she stuck it up my butt!!!!
It was onwy downhill fwom der. I's had to hab my eye cweaned out, cuz i had.. goo in it cuz i skwatched it. i din do it on purpose. :(
i had to go in da oddah woom WIFFout mama. i wuz shakin an scawed. mama wuz weely sad, she said (hrumph) but den she wuz destwacted cuz da wandfish had to be pwobed an pwodded too. i guess it wuzzent sick doh, but had to cwean out it's nose. I kinna fewt bad for it waiter...cuz i knew how howwible da vet is! I wuz gwad to see mama again an go home.
Wen we got home, mama put da wandfish up, an den we went to go get daizy...but we stayed an mama an dada had fud cuz i guess it's dada's birffday today! den mama went to dada an i waited foh her. we all home now, an i got cookies :) wuz a wong day!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I dun sent out mail today! I shared my Punkin Molasses cookies! Whew, mama az been waizy an doing wurk insted of making cookies foh me to send out! Finawee she did it doh. Bout time mama!

Well, oddah den dat i went to da dog pawk today, an pwayed wiff a fwench buwdog. it wuz fun!

hmm i fink dats all dats been goin on! I's take a nap now!

Monday, December 5, 2011


*sigh* It's been so cowld...DEN i went an gots a weepy snotty eye! I had it foh wike, 5 days. at da end, dada wudn't take me for walkies anymoh. (He cawws dem "w's" wen he dunnit want me to know he's talkin bout'em, but i know. well, i suspect.
anyways, i habin't got to go in a few days. My eye is bettah doh. Not weely crusty anymoah. No moh sneezin. I wuz sneezin wike...a hunned times in a woe! It's been soooo windy an cowld! i bet der is so many gud smells floatin awound out der. *sigh*

Mama an dada hab been doing somefing cawld "deocoratin for kismass". mama gibes me kisses aw da tyme. we don't need to cewebwate dat!!!

OH mama just had a showah. I wanted to go in wiff her, but dis tyme i onwy stayed outside da showah doorah, so she put a bwanket on me. I curled up. I did make suah to gib her toe an weg kisses wen she got out doh. didnt eben hab to move out fwom unna my bwanket!

Sunday, December 4, 2011


i is so cowld write now! mama an i is all bundled up, but brrrrrrr! i gots my swetah on too...i'd let mama takes a pictuah but it's too cowld for pictuahs!