Saturday, January 28, 2012


My fwiend Annie sent me a hankercheef! I know, i dun seem too enfoosiastic about it in da pictuahs, but dats because every pictuah i take i try to look wike da sad bassets fwom da ASPCA or summfing.  Furst, i had to sniff it out. I awso got some sniffs while i wuz wearing it, but mama missed dat cute pic. I dinnit want dat pic taken anyway, i only wike da ones where i wook sad!

Fank you Annie! Dis was a cool surpwise! I didn't wike my pic innit doh : )

(Daisy is being jelloos in the backgwound here in dis one)

Sunday, January 22, 2012


No fwash photogwafee pwease.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Midnite snak

*yawn* mama iz stayin up wate, an so i been seepin in da downstairs bed. not as warm as upstairs, dats foh surh!
It's okay doh, makes it eaziah to get up an go out to pee, den mama gibs me a midnite snak :) wen i wake up upstairs at dis tyme i juss get towd to go bak to seep! but if mama's up aweddy, den i gets a snak! I is goin bak to seep now doh.

Friday, January 13, 2012


I's dinnit get a walkie today!!! So i be wunnin awound an playin an squeakin toys an waking up dada! hehehe Mama tweatened me with a benadril...but doze don't wurk on me anyways! hehe
I bonked mama in da head whiles we was plwayin, AN i got my nasty goopy still sick pink eye on her! YAY!!! hehehe
she said she cawed da vet again foh me..but dey didn't caw back! GUD! i's just have a sicky eye. dun care!
I totawee ate my bone aw up too. hehehe!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012


Mama an dada went to da weptile show. Dey came home wiff all dis new STUFF. Wike, stuff to put landfish in. And DEN dey had two new landifhshes! Dis top one here is called Mooglie. She's a kenyan "flame" sand boa. (otay..?)

Dus one here is a pastal ball python...mama sez she likes his green eyes. Which is trwoo...da ball pytons we hab alweady hab bwown eyes, an i wike to stare into der cages. Maybe i stare at dis one too. his name Tigger...or just tiger, if he lookin fiesty.

dis wast pic is of da old sand boa (small male) and new one...big fat female! Dey are named Googlie, and mooglie, cuz mama sez der eyes are cock-eyed and funny.
Mama an dada sez dey hab to stop wiff snakes forh a while cuz der is no moh room! uh, der bettah be cuz i need woom to chase mah tail!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Catch-up photos

I dun fowgot to post sum photos! So here dey are.

Heer iz mama wearing "toe-socks" an twing to howd me in her wap. I didn't wanna be der, doh, so i am stiff an not sitting wite :)

Heer yoo can see mama is wearing ME! her ears, an her shirt! siwwy mama, i shud get a shirt dad sez i wuv mama!

I waz weely seepy on new years. I twied to make da bed on da carpet lots of times but den it wuzn't comfortable. i wook sad.

Den da odda ones of deez are fwom mama's birffday! 

i didn't wanna be picked up der. but i wasn't howding still, so mama was twing to move me onto her wap.

okay mama, i wuv you. have a bad breff kiss.

Dada will giv you bad breff kiss too hehe

awww mama an dada, i wuvs you guys!

BT again

Baff time. Hab i towd yoo how dis goes? Well, i dun wike bein away fwom mama...(obviouswee, who wud?) so wen she goes into da showah, i gets to sit by da showah door, an lie on da wug. Buuut...da pwice of dis is dat wen mama finks she's done puttin stinky stuff on HER hair...den she opens da calls me to come in an get a baff. SIGH! i hab to get up, sniff the area....hab her tawk weel nice to me, an den i sloooowly put one fut, den da odda fut....den i pause...den i dwag myseff in da showah, where i get lots of nice talkings, but i awso get cotton in ma ears :(
I sigh awot too.
den da watah, an it sux! but DEN der is da wubbings an da scubbings, an doze are akshully pwetty nice. I's happy to be out o der too. mama warshes showa time much fasta den dada. den we get to wub dwi on da towels, an DIS iz awaz FUN! den iz tyme to wun an jump an bite toys an bite daisy...den pee out da fwont in da gwass...den wun some moh!

I guess it no SO bad. i mean, i get up on mah own an get into da showah wen mama asks. well...i DO get lots of wubs an kisses foh dat, so maybe it's ownly mostly howwible.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Mama's birffday!

I is chasing my tail (foh weel!)  in happiness cuz it's mama's birffday! She let me lick fwosting!!!! Dat stuff is GUD.