Thursday, January 5, 2012

BT again

Baff time. Hab i towd yoo how dis goes? Well, i dun wike bein away fwom mama...(obviouswee, who wud?) so wen she goes into da showah, i gets to sit by da showah door, an lie on da wug. Buuut...da pwice of dis is dat wen mama finks she's done puttin stinky stuff on HER hair...den she opens da calls me to come in an get a baff. SIGH! i hab to get up, sniff the area....hab her tawk weel nice to me, an den i sloooowly put one fut, den da odda fut....den i pause...den i dwag myseff in da showah, where i get lots of nice talkings, but i awso get cotton in ma ears :(
I sigh awot too.
den da watah, an it sux! but DEN der is da wubbings an da scubbings, an doze are akshully pwetty nice. I's happy to be out o der too. mama warshes showa time much fasta den dada. den we get to wub dwi on da towels, an DIS iz awaz FUN! den iz tyme to wun an jump an bite toys an bite daisy...den pee out da fwont in da gwass...den wun some moh!

I guess it no SO bad. i mean, i get up on mah own an get into da showah wen mama asks. well...i DO get lots of wubs an kisses foh dat, so maybe it's ownly mostly howwible.

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