Thursday, March 31, 2011

Todae wuz great so faw!

I got to sweep in aWOT an den mama took me to a pwace where i saw odder dogs, an lots of nice people dat petted me an called me pwetty : ) mama took me up an down da rows an rows of toys an when i sniffed dem all i decided to pick out a pink goat to take home wif me! i'm chewin it up write now inbetween writin an showin it to daisy. dat pwace had sooo many gud smells!
mama said she had to go der because the FEESH tank had a pwoblem with a nasty ol' fesh. i was just gwad i got a toy and some smells : )

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dis mornin

It wuz sooo hawd to get up. I mean, i knew der wud be fud, but weewy da bed is sooo comfertabble! an i wuz havin dis gud dweam an maybe i wuz kickin mama a widdle bit but dats no weason to wake me up!

Fwiday an Saterday

...Fwiday an Saterday mama an dada WEFT me again! Why aw dey ahways doin dat? Home iz da best pwace for sweep, an fud, an kisses! Oh well...dey bowf wooked pwetty sad an pathetic wen dey got home. Dey spent two days "scuuba divin" an dey wer so tired i didn' even get a wok! but dat wuz ok cuz i wike sweep too : ) Dey said dey saw a "see lion" an dat it bawked at dem wike i do! an dat dey saw a "hawbor seal" an dat it had "pups" which is swilly because i'm a pup! but dey did say dat da see-critters reminded dem of me, so i noe we were tinking about each odder all days : )

Den mama got sick. She said my kisses made her fweel bettah doh, so i did good der.
Wite now i'm gonna see if mama will take me to da dog pawk! I sure hope so!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Its my birfday!

Well today i am one year owld. Yestahday mama an dada took me ovah to liska and cally's pwace and tessa and monty were der (monty is stuuuupid) an mama had made me a deeeeelishush lamb cake! My favorite! it had yogurt fwosting and katsup for my name! i wub mama.  buuut...she did make me dwess up in a swilly tie an vest..i'd wather be aw dirty an not wear clothes mama! unless it's cowld...den i wike mah sweatah : )
i got a noisey elefant, a gween cow dat squeeks an some cookies too!
birfdays is not so bad : )
Maybe der will be dawg pawk tomorrow?

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I can't hewp dat i had to go outside for poo dis morning, but why did mama an dada have to wake up too, and then stay up? i wanted to go back to sweep! my day iz aww thrown off nao!  i need a good nap! doe mama did gib me a bite of her yum yum breakfast! I wuv mama! i had to sit in da caw doe, for a wong time while mama an dada figured out which pwace dey wanted to eat, an den dey just decided to get food stuffs from the food store an come home! silly mama an dada!
why iz der watah from da sky today? i dun wike gettin wet!

Friday, March 18, 2011


mama weft me yestahday! she got up late (which is GUD i wike to seep in) den she spent forevah throwing does covering tings out of her closet an onto da floor...finawwy she put some on, den she spent forevah standing in front of dat window dat has da otheah bowser in it! i lay by her feet da whole time. she kept moving, so i kept moving too. i had to be touching mamas feet! DEN she WEFT me...again! she sed she was going to "dyannas birfday pawty" an she didn't come back until aftah dada came home. I wuz happy dada was home, but as soon as he let me outta da kitchen i went wooking alllll ovah for mama! I wooked in her chair, in her baffwoom, in da closet (she did spend a wot of time in der) in da bed, in da otha woom...but no mama. : ( but den she came home latah an i wuz sooo hapyeeee!!!! : ) I wuv mama : )

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Yestewday, mama an dada brought home two big...i dunno...banana tings! dey cawled dem "ky-acks" an told me dat i wud wear a "life-jaket" an go out in da watah wif dem in da kyacks. ...uhm...i dun tink dis iz a gud idea! i hope dey were teasing!
in da meantime mama gabe me some tweats and dey were GUD!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Today mama twicked me. I wuv her, but it was tewwible. Fiwst her an dada went out an came back aww wet and smewwing wike fiish. Der wuz sand eberywere, an dey had all dis scawy stuff dey brought in an put in da back yawd. Dey cawed it "skooba stuff". Aneeway, den mama went into dat giant wet box she has upstairs. I missed her sooo much so i went and sat write outside it an waited for her to be done getting all wet cuz i wike to lick her legs an feet when she comes out! Also when she puts on "lowshun" dat's GUD!
but today mama wuz all happee to see me too an she cawed me into da big wet box wif her an i luv her so i went in! But i got WETTED an she wubbed stinky stuff all ovah me. She does dis sometimes but it's usually in da kitchen. In da "sink".
Dis wuz horrible. AN i got COLDED an was so colded mama put a sweatah on me to wear. But, i got dinnah an a tweat so it's all GUD!

Friday, March 11, 2011


Today i ate my bone awwww day. But den dada came home an he always makes da lanfish come out. I dun weewy care dat much bout da lanfish, but doesn't dada know dat no lanfish iz as good as a basset!


WHy can't i have dayseez bone? Mine bone is okay but i'm sure herz iz bettah!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Hey it's meeeee, DAISY! I just wanted to remind everyone that I'm a way better dog than that growser or whatever his name is. You should give me all the food because i'm so much better.
Just go get me the food! I tried to get in the trash earlier but that "Mom" stopped me. She sucks! It's time to eat. Go get me some food! And oh yeah, i'm BETTER!

Dayze sez

Daisy sez i shud lern how to talk betah. Dat i'm gwowing up an i still talk wike a baby. I twide to tell her i AM a baby! mama calls me her baby ALLL da tyme! she calls me her Pweshush baby! maybe i will twi  to wearn to talk more wike mama an dada. but weewy i'd just wather sweep in mamas lap!

I watched

Last night mama and dada spent forEVAH in the Fesh room. Yes, dey have a WHOLE ROOM for FIIIIISH. Its sooo gwoss. Dey were putting a big glass ting on a big bwak stand ting, and den mama took all doze wocks she had in da wiving woom, an put dem in da gwass thing. den dada put a whooole bunch of SAND in da gwass thing, and den watah! I twide to lick up some of da sand but it was tewwible an not gud. mama and dada said dey was going to put fish in da "fesh tank". i tink dats tewwible. who wikes fish? YUK!

[Observation of a basset]

[Here we observe a 47lb, 11 month old male basset hound. He lies asleep, curled up in a bed that his human has given him, which takes up half of the floor in the living area. We watch as the human leaves the room. The basset's eyes pop open, and he watches as his human leaves. Normally, the young basset would painstakingly rise and follow his human to her destination, always wanting to be near "Mama".  However, today the basset is exhausted from an hour spent at the local "dog park" where it was spied he "ran amok".
Once the human female leaves the room, she is unaware of the events that pass in her absence. Little is known in fact, except that upon her return the basset can be seen in his bed, now fully awake, chewing. It is noted that a side table to the human's chair has been knocked over, and various items are spread across the floor. Many are wet with what appears to be "dog slobber", while others are actually indecipherable because in their current condition they are only blobs of chewed plastic. To the human females extreme displeasure, all of her "chapstick" is missing. She looks and searches the floor, only to find that the basset hound has left his bed, to "help" her find these items, biting and chewing various bits as she tries to pick them up.
It is noted that the human finally notices the missing chapstick when the basset once again alights in his bed and begins to chew on it, once again.
Final thoughts: Basset hounds love chapstick.]

Da monster!

It wuz howwible! I wuz upstairs wif mama an she was moving all dis stuff awound da woom, den da horrible monster came out! its big and wed an it came up da stairs and it's LOUD an mama pushes it round the wroom an i twied to bawk at it to tell it to go away but it wuz still der! its a nasty monster!
I tink its cawed a "vakumen cweener"

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Somtims its sooo hawd to get under a bwanket! I pull an bite an it just wont work. usually doe, mama or dada will hep me : )

Today was AWESOM! i got up for brekfast an said bye to dada (he leaves for all day sometimes an comes home weewwee grumpy, but i wike it when hes home!) den i went back to bed wif mama!
den i got up an ate WUNCH! it was guuuud.
den mama took me an dazee inna car an we went to a neat pwace! she called it da "Har-bor" an she took some scary tanks dat smelled wike fesh outta da car an some guy i made fwiends wif put air in dem.
But da best pawt was wen we went down to da boats! der was birds! i actually saw dem and den one of dem made a stinky spot on the ground an i tried to wroll in it but mama pulled me away really fast : (
but den i saw a ded starfesh! i was gonna eat it but mama took it away. i guess mama knows wut shes doin sometimes cuz i wuv her anyway.
DEN we went to da dog pawk! dat was soo fun!
wen i got home i ate AGAIn an now i'm twining weewee hawd to get dis bwanket to get on me.

Hawd to get up

In da mownings its soooo hawd to get up! I crawl an moan and gwoan an still mama says to get up. But i TIIIIRED mama! Oh well, today wen i woke up it was tyme for bweakfast! i lov dat.

Maebe mama will take me to da dowg pawk today! dat would be fun!

Mama's got stuwf in da floor she wont let me bite. Der just woks! she sez der for da "nano tank" or sumtin. I tink it has to do wif FESH! why aw mama an dada aways wantin FESH??? dat is soooo gwoss! Yuk!

Sometims mama an dada leave me for allllll day forevah an when dey FINAWWY com bak dey smell like Feesh an deyr all wet! it's so GWOSS! i keep tewwing dem dat dey shud stay home wif me an let me sleep in mama's lap insted but dey just keep goin out after fesh. YUK!

Cuz gettin up is hawd to do

Monday, March 7, 2011

Bedtime now

Its almost bed time. I love bedtime cuz i sleep with mama an dada. i curl up close to mamas feet and steel allll her covors! but we keep each odder warm so its ok. sometimes mama takes dis big wet stinky wag an it's wet and she wipes me all ovah before i get into bed. dats howwable! but den dada takes some fud on a stick and rubs it all obber my teef and it's GUD! but i keep tewwing him dat it would be much easier if he just gabe me da fudpaste wifout da stick but he keeps sticking the stick in my mouf. oh well it tastes GUD!
Today i got to chew dat bone again...the big one dat is gud. it smewls wike gud and i chew and chew! daizy got a bone too but i gwowled at her and took hers cuz she looked away. She knows i'm alpha which is funny foh me cuz i'm onwy a puppy but she's owld and i'm her boss haha!!
mama gabe her bone back doh. oh well. it was GUD!

Bad pawk

I went to da pawk, da dawg pawk wit daizy and mama da odder day an der wuz dis big mean dawg dat was black and curly an it chased me and i scrweamed and it BIT me on my bottom! I kept wubbing my bottom on the gwound and it stung and den i had a big mawk and mama put medicine on it : (
but den i went and played an it was allll bettah cuz der were balls to chase and stuff to smell! Yay!


Thumtimes we go to da dawg pawk. Its soooooooo fun! Der are all deez peepel to see, and dawgs to smell! I can poop whereevah I want an ders a dwinking fountan and sometimes i chase sticks or dazy. i wike it sooo much! I get excited in the caw wen i weelize where we aw!

Dis one time

Dis one tyme daizy an i was playin in da kitchen (we wus locked in der! i dunt know why! i always chew up da bad stuff in the odder woom for mama, but oh well) when we found out dat yoo can pull on da wag dats on da magic fud box door...if yoo pull an pull den da door opens an der is all kinds of fud in it! I ate cheeze an noodles,  an some odder stuff dat was fun to open. Der wuz altho feesh, but dat was pwetty guud. I wuz sooo full! Den mama and dada came home again! Yay!

Twash awone.

Tooday mama weft me. I wuz sooo sad. I went in da kitchen (mama an dada say to get outta der but dey didn't say it den so i new it wuz ok) an i found out dat if u poosh da fud bin an pull - den the fud bin an da twash bin on top fall ovah an yoo kan make da kitchen wook weel gud, an yoo can eat an eat til u get soooo full!
den mama came home and it was all ok!


Feesh iz gwoss! won tyme dada and mama gabe me sum fuud in my fuud bowl and it was fwom a can and dey cawld it "toonah" an it wuz so tewwible! evewyting bad tastes wike feeesh!


Dis one tyme i wuz at gwandma an gwandpas howse an dey had the bestest fud ib ebber twide! it was called puureena for old dawgs. it wuz amaz-ing.
all gud things aw wike purreena!


Yesterday der was dis bone, and it was my bone, and den daisy had half da bone, but i wanted daisy's half too cuz her half was da best half. But dada wouldn't wet me hab it cuz but i wanted it! I didnt want my hawf cuz mine was all covered in dog drwool.  Daisy kept gwowing at me, but i'm alpha an i shud be abble to take dat bone iffa wont!
I went outside in the fwont laun and had a poo in the bushes...haha!
I weely want purreena wite now.

My furst post

Hewwo. Wow, dis typing ting is weewy hawd wif big paws.
So, dis month iz weewy hard for me. I'm gonna be a yeaw olwd! Wow.
Is dat a papew towel?