Monday, March 28, 2011

Its my birfday!

Well today i am one year owld. Yestahday mama an dada took me ovah to liska and cally's pwace and tessa and monty were der (monty is stuuuupid) an mama had made me a deeeeelishush lamb cake! My favorite! it had yogurt fwosting and katsup for my name! i wub mama.  buuut...she did make me dwess up in a swilly tie an vest..i'd wather be aw dirty an not wear clothes mama! unless it's cowld...den i wike mah sweatah : )
i got a noisey elefant, a gween cow dat squeeks an some cookies too!
birfdays is not so bad : )
Maybe der will be dawg pawk tomorrow?

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