Monday, March 7, 2011

Bedtime now

Its almost bed time. I love bedtime cuz i sleep with mama an dada. i curl up close to mamas feet and steel allll her covors! but we keep each odder warm so its ok. sometimes mama takes dis big wet stinky wag an it's wet and she wipes me all ovah before i get into bed. dats howwable! but den dada takes some fud on a stick and rubs it all obber my teef and it's GUD! but i keep tewwing him dat it would be much easier if he just gabe me da fudpaste wifout da stick but he keeps sticking the stick in my mouf. oh well it tastes GUD!
Today i got to chew dat bone again...the big one dat is gud. it smewls wike gud and i chew and chew! daizy got a bone too but i gwowled at her and took hers cuz she looked away. She knows i'm alpha which is funny foh me cuz i'm onwy a puppy but she's owld and i'm her boss haha!!
mama gabe her bone back doh. oh well. it was GUD!

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