Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fwiday an Saterday

...Fwiday an Saterday mama an dada WEFT me again! Why aw dey ahways doin dat? Home iz da best pwace for sweep, an fud, an kisses! Oh well...dey bowf wooked pwetty sad an pathetic wen dey got home. Dey spent two days "scuuba divin" an dey wer so tired i didn' even get a wok! but dat wuz ok cuz i wike sweep too : ) Dey said dey saw a "see lion" an dat it bawked at dem wike i do! an dat dey saw a "hawbor seal" an dat it had "pups" which is swilly because i'm a pup! but dey did say dat da see-critters reminded dem of me, so i noe we were tinking about each odder all days : )

Den mama got sick. She said my kisses made her fweel bettah doh, so i did good der.
Wite now i'm gonna see if mama will take me to da dog pawk! I sure hope so!!

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