Tuesday, September 27, 2011

weady foh bed

tomtimes its so hawd to get weady foh bed! mama usually makes a spot foh me an den covahs me up wif her covahs an den we go to seep, an she has her feet wite next to me! last night i decided i needed to make da bed mysef!!!

a bettah made bed

dat did it!!!!

i cant beweeve it

mama an dada weft me AGAIn dis weekend! *sigh* dis tyme i had to stay wiff nana an papa...dada's momma an dada. I stayed wif daisy, an we pwayed a wot, an i wud get a dwink an den shake my head an get watah everywhere : ) dayze just usually gets a dwink an den drwools everywhere, but i wike to make a moh compwete job of tings.

Otay, so mama an dada furst went to a far away an went horseback widing. i akshully hab met horses befoh an i dun wike dem much, so, fail, mama an dada for doing dat!

Den, dey stayed da nite wifout me, in a pwace cawd "san deee-egg-o"...at furst i was weely mad cuz i tought dat was where eggos wuz fwum, an i wanted sum, but i found out it's not so whutevah! I guess mama an dada just went down der to see more FIESH!.
dey went out on a boat (ew mama haz towd me about deze an she says she gets sick on dem ALL da time, so i'm gwad i wuzn't on a boat) an den dey went scooba divin off da boat, to see anodder boat dat was down undah da wattah! i dun wanna see a booat unda watta, an i dun wanna be on a boat! so i guess it was good dat i stayed here.
So, i akshully felt bad for mama...she got pwetty sick cuz of da boats, an she aslo got WEEL sick, like wiff snott an stuff! Ew mama! I twide to help her out an give kisses when she got home, but i guess all da fish awound here powered down my loving bowsah slobbah, cuz mama didn't get bettah :(

Oak, so mama did find som funny pictuahs to show me. One is still on dada's phone...appawently it was a painting of a guy staring at womens in da womens baffwoom. But dey had deez two to show me on mama's phone.

i don't see da pwobwem here in dis one *shrug*

i guess dada tought dis one wuz funny...he said "why iz only one of der hands oversized...? an i hope der isn't any pepper in doz tacos der eatin!"
I guess it was more funny if you'd been der *nod nod*

Okay, so now to da odda point i need to make. Mama has WAY to much interest in odda animals besides her bowsah! Of all da tings, mama an dada brought home...you guess it...more lanfish!

mama sez dis one is a "wed eyed croc skink"  i akshully tink dis one is otay cuz it juss sits der while i sniff it. mama sed it's a girl an named her Dragon....mama is zilly.

So mama aweady has a landifsh like dis one, it's a...'hog-nose" snakefish. Dis one is kinda green a wittle an iz a baby boy. So now mama has a girl funny nose fish, named copper, an dis here boy wittle fish she's gonna call "peridot"...but i can't say dat wurd, s she said I can calls him Perry.

okay so dats da update! now, mama an dada DID bwing me a toy back fwom der mean-leavin-bowsah-trip...but once I wuz glad dey were home, i been glaring at dem fwom my bed. i did pway wiff da toy for a bit doh. : )

Monday, September 19, 2011

more kinds of fiiish

Mama brought home a airfish. Yoo kin see all da landfish in da backgwound here... she sez we may not keep da airfish, but I sure hope so! I weely want to pway wiff it! Dis da best fish yet!
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Sunday, September 18, 2011

me n mama

Otay now dat tim stupid tim is gone i'm gonna do dis wite! see, i wanted to put piktuahs dat mama wud like so she wud wememba to gib me more pats!

See, here ar me an mama.

an den here ar me an mama doin da ting we wike to do da most!!!

seeeeeping! dats da best!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


mama haz decided dat i need bushin at night! Nooooo!!! I'll show her!

http://youtu.be/EP9tz82nwzo wut i do when i get bwushed

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

my bone!

I had to make surah it wuz OK while I ate!
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Bite yor hed tim!
go bak to timwand!
No, furst i bite yor HEAD tim! Den you go! NO, you stay here an get bit!


I is awso wying down wen i do dis, an bite yo head tim. I had a wong time away fwom da interwebs hiding bones fwom daisy. Awso, yo don run away fast.

dat weminds me! i weft my bone!!!!!!!

SleepyTim Time

Ah, in my pictorial wanderings I find that though I sleep on the floor, or in the toybox, Mr BowserTim is ridiculous in his sleeping habits! Just look at this silliness. This would never be comfortable in TimLand!

(These two photos had a BowserFootNote saying "I twide to sweep but had to fowwow mama into da kitchen, wearing my bwanket")

Bad hair day

Tim here again, chaps! Well, I've come across some startling pictorial medical history for our young Bowser! Seems as a young, YOUNG pup, he was diagnosed with...Mange! Oh ho! I hear this illicits early male balding! Everywhere! In patches!  Our deer boy was treated for this horrible occurrence. BUT!!!! It seems he is plagued with a "low immune system" and unfortunately managed to concoct this horrible hair trauma again! Here we can see the poor lad has been SHAVED so that the medicine would penetrate to his skin better. This also meant the poor boy had to wear sweaters to keep warm! Ah the shame!! Tim!

Looks as if "big" sister Daisy finds the balding situation funny! How rude!

Poor little lad with his lion tail and sweater.


Poor little lad

It seems that when our BowserTim reached 4 months old, he had to go through a terrible ordeal of "the cone of shame"! I'm not too sure on the details here, but it seems he had something removed...something that could have been important to him someday...but since he was such a young buck, he now has never known the difference!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Buried treasure

Hello all! Tis me, Tim! I so enjoy being here on Bowser's blog. It seems he has been distracted, of late! I found what the little lad has been doing....it seems his mama has given him bone-treasures and he has been burying them all over the house! Oh ho ho, what a silly! I took this opportunity to catch him in the act. I say, good for him! I'd much rather have him expertly burying treasure than biting my head!!!

Bowser buries treasure

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The winning over of Daisy

As the "old" dog in the household, it must be noted that Daisy was entirely NOT interested in her new little basset brother. Tolerant, yes. Interested? Not at all!  Here we see the first attempts at a most-of-the-family-photo.

Not a very good outcome. Bowser has alighted nicely in his mama's lap, however Daisy is being forcefully restrained and even hindered in her desired escape from the close proximity to this puppy-intruder! Timish!

After a while, however, and inevitably, she began to tolerate him more. The photos do jump a bit in the timeline at this point, as does Bowser's size! He's quite the fast growing little Tim!

Finally, we see that after about two weeks, Daisy has accepted Bowser! In fact, they snuggle quite nicely together, and do indeed enjoy each other's company. Success!!

Quite the heartwarming story, even I Tim so myself!!!!

The story continues

As was once stated, our little lad grew quite quickly! In one short week, he had gained 3lbs! This document shows the first full day. Here we see the first full on face photo that had been taken of the young lad. Other days followed, and each day has been photographically documented by his mama, however they are actually in rather a jumble, due to there being so many, and so many of them being moved around for posting and emailing at various times. Here is a good idea of the first day, and the second full day, however! Tim!

(I heard he still very much enjoys these bones! It seems this bone in-particular had been in the house for nigh-on 3 years with no attention! However once Bowser found it, it became very popular with Daisy again.

Here we see the vicious nature of the beast! It seems shortly after this he had a toy shoved into his gaping maw.

An attempt to hold the poor lad still. It seems he hadn't quite realized that daily photos would be a part of his...every day!