Saturday, September 10, 2011

The next day

The next day found our little baby BowserTim happily enjoying his new residence! He hadn't a care in the world, nor a worry of old siblings lost. He was a stout young 6 weeks old. This is the day he met his very best fiend, Nermal!

Let me just say that Bowser and Nermal got along together smashingly! Often it is said of Bowser that he still plays and bats his paws, just like he learned from Nermal. Nermal and Bowser started off the same size, and weight...a whopping 7lbs each! However that quickly changed with each new day!
Today, Nermal is no longer with us....but no need for sadness...she's just fine! She's at the chiropractor's! Indeed! It seems Bowser's new father was highly, and throat-closingly allergic to Nermal! So, though their time together was short, it was special, and the household is free of allergins (though Nermal is very missed.)
But back to the story!
Bowser loved to play in Nermal's room...

He always stole her toys! It would start a horrible war of wrestling as Nermal would alite on a tall surface, and then pounce on the thief!

Bowser was not pleased to share ALL of Nermals belongings, however.

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