Saturday, September 10, 2011

The first day

Our little lad Bowser had his named chosen for him long before he was born. Still! He wasted no time in fullfilling the silliness that came along with said name.

First, as he made his way into the car with his new (human) "mama", he chose to crawl behind her head and ride, sadly watching the house where he was born fade away into the distance.
Our lad was not daunted, however. He was placed in his tiny cat crate while said new parents got lunch at Sonic (I heard they were very excited to eat here, seeing as they don't have one closer to where they live). The tired little lad soon did what was best, and fell asleep, staying so for the entire ride home.

With sounds of adoration coming from mama filling his ears, he slept! But then the car ride came to an end, and it was time to meet the extended family. He was taken to his grandparent's house, where he met up with his new sister Daisy for the first time.
Sadly, she was more interested in the kennel. (I find that she is still rather like this in attitude, and often doesn't occompany TimBowser and I on our nightly romps. She instead enjoys rolling in her kennel.)

Next was the meeting of more in-laws...Liska!
She's very large, but Bowser was in charge...oh hoho ha! I am a funny Tim!

Bowser did quite fine, actually, and though it seems like he may have had a bit of fear at first, truly he was a champ and began romping almost instantly! His new father gave him a quick comfort before he headed home with Daisy and mama.

Once he arrived at his new home, The rest became history! Tim!!! Actually, in a previous post Bowser has lamented at the goings seems he was given his first bath, and then he fell asleep in a towel in his new mama's lap : )

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