Sunday, March 23, 2014

OH my's

eets been so long! Gwoing up haz been hawd. See, mama went an got alllll dis wurk an skool to do, den dada gots wurk an computah wurk at homes. (i hates computahs btw, mama always haz her laptop stealin her laps fwom me!)

but sometin trooly howwible haz happened....mama went an got da fud for da landfish, an made it live wit us! She named it Neko! I HATES NEKO. He takes my mama away an i hates him foh it! I kinda want to pway wif him, but he's TOOPID an doesn't get to hab my mama!!!

well....anyway....eets awmost my birfday again. Maybe if mama isn't too busy wif NEEKO den i get to hab a partee. >=P