Saturday, December 22, 2012

I iz a twee

Mama sez we iz doin moh pictuahs soon...blah, no pictahs pleeze! Oh well...she wuz holdin sumfin so i finawee wooked at her an da toopid camera. She sez i iz a twee!!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mamas hare

Here is mama tryin to get piktuah of me an daisy so she can hab us in her photos of her an her harecut. Furst, why cuts hair? Oz good doh dangling in watuh bowls. Second, no piktias pwese, we discuss dis many teyms. This mama sed she cut her hair aw by herself an I say Gud! If she cut het hate den she prolly not need to cut mine!


We's go.e ovah to liska an callies fog fanksgibbing.

Toopid Monty had to wear a shark costuoom cuz he ez a toopid fish!! Tessa wore a swetah, an den daisy begged fog FUD. I wiz HUD an waited my turn woike mama sed!

Mama n I seep

Dis how mama an I seep, in da end I say no piktuas pweese

Smoichin wif daisy

Sumtimes mama catches me an dayzee makin fwiends. I will talk to her about good hygiene, cweans her earez out n stuff, an she will sit Der an sniff my face to make duh its still Bassety fresh. Eberytime we discuzz, mama trys to catch us on camera an aberytim I haz to b extra aware an make sure she not bein paparazzi.

No piktuahs pwease mama

Gettin dekorfated fog kissmas!

Mom an dayzee an dada an I been bwingin dusty junk into da house. At first dis wiz fun, but den Der wiz fix big pointy fing dat dada shook dat scared me! Waiter I found it was a ...yeah...FAKE outside twee! In da house!!? I ez getting fussed at aw da tyme cuz I ez bwingin in bwanches an sticks an bark. I also finds "kompost" dat dada twies to puts in da pwants, even doh mama tells him not to. I ez gonna assume she's tied hims not to being in big fake tweed too, since he dids it anyways!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday, September 30, 2012

gud piktuahs

awhile ago mama an i went to diz wuz SO hawt! i wuz pantin an pantin.
der wuz a wot of new peeple der dat i met. one of dem...fwanzizca ...took mah pictuh so here is da pictaz she took!

der is me, an mama, an den der is mama an fwanziska, den me an veeveeawna.

mama sed dey might visit us soon hew at home. i hope so!

Sunday, September 16, 2012


I went camping to oregon. der wuz sooo much dirt der! i layd down in aw of it!

i went hikin wif mama an dada

i had to seep in the caw a wot...

but i had inventures too

den dis one time i had a stick

daisy took it

but den i gots it back

dats about its!