Sunday, June 17, 2012

most howwible walkies evah!

Today I's had da most howwible walkies i ebbah had! It wuz hawd, an it was uphill, an i gots SO HOT!
it wuz tewwible! Mama puts wattah on me, an den i dwank wattah an dwank, ebin dayzee got hotted!

Da view wuz  not wurff it!

I twied to wun an get in da shade at every oppotunitty! but dada twied to keep me i finawee sed...NO MORE WALKIES an wudn't get up. So, den he had to cawwy me : )

I wuz still hot eben beins cawwied! most tewwible walkies evah!

Wub mama

i wike sittin in mama's wap...i hate it wen she wants hugs doh. oh wells, i gib her hugs an kisses anyways cuz i wub her!

Most howwible ting!

Mama haz dis huge tuffed's HOWWIBLE. It twies to get me tumtimes.

 Oh heeeeells no!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Juss chekin in

Not much goin on hew latewee.Been goin foh walkies..OH but dayze an i had a howwible experence da odda day! we went to hab our "teef cweaned"....dada WEFT us at...da VETS! An daisy an I howeld, an howeld, an wudn't stop until da mean peeple der put us in da same kennel togever! Den i fink later dey gabe us boff somefing to make us sweepy, an den i's had my toes cut off, an my teefs wipped out, an wen i woke up i cwied an cwied an den finawwee dada came an took me home to mama :(
Dayze had a WHOLE toof totally wipped out! She's been on pills, but DEN cuz of her toof, she's been gettin da GUD soft fud! I wooked weely sweet an stuff so mama gibes me a bite of da soft fud an it's LAMB an eben doh i's only eats soy, i WUB da wamb!
Oh well anyways, oddah den dat, we's been on wong wokkies, an i been gibbing mama wots of kisses wiff my cwean mouf!