Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Juss chekin in

Not much goin on hew latewee.Been goin foh walkies..OH but dayze an i had a howwible experence da odda day! we went to hab our "teef cweaned"....dada WEFT us at...da VETS! An daisy an I howeld, an howeld, an wudn't stop until da mean peeple der put us in da same kennel togever! Den i fink later dey gabe us boff somefing to make us sweepy, an den i's had my toes cut off, an my teefs wipped out, an wen i woke up i cwied an cwied an den finawwee dada came an took me home to mama :(
Dayze had a WHOLE toof totally wipped out! She's been on pills, but DEN cuz of her toof, she's been gettin da GUD soft fud! I wooked weely sweet an stuff so mama gibes me a bite of da soft fud an it's LAMB an eben doh i's only eats soy, i WUB da wamb!
Oh well anyways, oddah den dat, we's been on wong wokkies, an i been gibbing mama wots of kisses wiff my cwean mouf!

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  1. Yuck, Bowsah! Sorry you had to go through all that...Daisey too. We have to go on vacation soon and stay at the vet. Remember we were there a couple months ago? It won't be as long this time, but who cares!!!! We don't wanna go. They're gonna give us baffers too. Booooo!!!