Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Harry potty

Mama cawd me Harry potty all da tyme...but den I didn't care :)
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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Mama sed she wiked to see photoz of me, an her, an lots o tings on my bwog! So here you go mama, deez are all fow YOU!

she learned fwom me!

Mama sed she wote dis wen i was a baby. I'm gonna put it up here so you can see cuz I am a pretty gud teecher!

Everything important in life, I learned from Bowser.

It's okay if someone takes your toy, just get another. They're all over and they all need to have a good bite anyway.
Look forward to meal-times. No regrets; fill your belly. Most of the time it's what's good for you, but sometimes it might just be something delicious (like puureena), and that's okay too.
Getting comfortable can take a while. It's okay to fuss a little, but you'd save yourself a lot of trouble if you just laid on your back with your paws in the air on the first try.
Love unconditionally. It shows in your sweet eyes and effects everyone around you in a positive way.
Don't get disappointed when things don't go your way. Pick yourself up and try again. Barking and biting helps sometimes.
Become oblivious to the bath-times and ear cleanings of life. It's necessary, usually overwith fast, and you're better for it in the end anyway.
You look cute in your tight shirt, even if your pants are too big. However that shouldn't really matter to you unless someone's stuck a squeaker in them.
Having someone to wake up to is priceless. Never take that for granted or you could end up crying all day and pushing your pen to the carpet.
Never worry about what other people think... Unless they live with you or have purina, they probably don't matter anyway.
Don't stress over mistakes. Learn from them, and you can move on without someone getting out the rolled up newspaper (You can probably chew that up later though).
Let people know when you need something. It's better than feeling sorry for yourself or stinking up the room because you didn't ask for help to go outside.
Be greatful for the little things. Sometimes happiness is only a warm blanket, scrap in the kitchen, or kiss on the nose away.
Explore everything. Something is bound to be worth sinking your teeth into.

Monday, August 29, 2011


landfish ar pwetty stupid. mama haz deez two she calws "dumeril's boas" so i call dem DUMBOAS! hehe! so, mama sez dat in da wild deez landfish ar en-danger-ed or somefing...i guess mean people go an steal dem from der home an make dem come here to wive in a cage an bother bassets. dats horrible! so mama sez she haz deez two "captive" dumboas, an is part of a "bweeding"? program ting to make only captive dumboas. deez dumboas are baby small tings now, but someday will get reawwy big to annoy me!
oh well, even lanfeesh don't deserve to be stowen from der home! (dat doezn't mean i want dem in mine, but oh well), duh odder reason dey are dumb is dey ar in mama's lap where I shuld be!

big bugs

i dun go near deez bugs much, an dey don't come out in da house much, which is gud. i'd just step on dem wif my big paws.
mama an dada have 4 baby of deez bugs, an two big ones dat are MEAN. well i dun know, but dat's what mama sez. Da odder day she came home from wurk an had dis BIG bug dat has pink on it! i didn't weally care, but mama sed dat someone was going to FROW IT AWAY! now, i dun care bout bugs, but no ting shuld be twon away! dats mean! so, I approve wen mama sed NO don't frow it away! an took it home to be wif us. besides, i wike dat mama wikes da bug, even if i dun care.
here is da bug (mama cawled it a rose-haiw tarantula) an den here is siwwy mama holding da new bug, an one of da old baby bugs

dumb tickle bugs

mama an dada aw so weird, i know i say dis all da tyme. So, dis time dey ar weird cuz dey put a dumb tickle bug on my nose! I was very curious, yes, but dada shuld hab let me eat it or someting.
mama callwed dis a "playing mantiss" i fink

it's hawd to see it, cuz it's so small but it was a nose tickle bug! I sat vewwy still, in hopes dat it wouldn't tickle much. I sat still before it wuz on my nose, during it being on my nose an tickling, an i sat vewy still aftah because i admit...i wuz kind of confuzed! mama an dada tought it was funny, an sed dey wanted a pictuah of it on da end of my nose, but were afraid i would lick da bug off....well YEAH! so, i didn't get to pway wif it anymoh. it's okay cuz it tickled.


Mama is awayz twying to hug me! i jus wanna sleep!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

poor mama

mama sed she had a long day today. she didn't even hav ta leave me for dat wurk place! i went an layed on mamas feet, an convinced her to get on da floor wif me. when she did, i made her feel bettah by kissin IN her ear, an up her nose! i made mama do dat squeal ting she does, an den she petted me awot, so i tink she feels bettah : )

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


mama sed she had a good day at wurk today. it wuz her second day, an all da boss people were impressed wif her. she wuz all happy, but she goes back tomorrow! i will miss her! i'm happy mamas happy, but why does she haveta go? :( she sez it's so she can earn "mun-ee" so dat she can get me fud an toys. i told her i dun like mah fud anyway, an i have pwenty of toys!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Okay, so mama is weird. I lub her a wot, but just weird!
I guess i'd better accept dat mama is jus aways gonna be dat way. Oh well, i wub her.
Today, i herd her on dat noisy thing she puts to her ear, talking to some lady about...a...hog-nosed-snake. I dun know what dat is, but den mama towd da lady she alweady had one, so i fink it's a landfish. I sniffed around and found dis....

so's a landfeeesh! EW! actuawwy i keep twing to get close to dis one but it doesn't wike me. Da last time i did it FLARED out it's hEAD (wike a cobra, mama said) an hissed at me (wike a wattlesnake, mama sed) an den while mama fussed at me to go flipped over on it's back an pwetended to be DED! i laughed an was FUN to scare dat stupid landfish! Mama sed i hav ta be away in mah bed when she brigs dis fish out now doh : ( da odder nasty fish don't care bout me, but dis one is widdle so she got scared. Oh well. Mama talks baby talk (dad's MY launguage) to dis snake an it makes me sooo mad at dat landfish snake!
Anyway, i herd mama say she wanted anover make dem...Breed....? i dun know what dat is, but i don't wanna nother landfish!!

why i gotta eat bad fud?

okay so, i wuv mama an all, but why does she keep feeding me bad fud? Well it's OKAY food, but most of da time if i wait an don't eat it, she'll put cheese in it, or meat broth! If i just hold out...i get BETTAH fud. But now mama says she's tired of weaving my food down for me to eat cuz den daisy goes an eats it! Mama an dada say dat dayze is fat! I fink dat if dayse wants dat pwain ol' fud, she can hab it!

But just since yestahday, mama has been fussing and wussing at me an won't let me go lie down until i finish my food. AN she calls daise in an gibs her a bite of my food if i dun eat it! DAT makes me eat up all dat nasty fud, cuz daisy can hab my fud if i'm not der wooking at it, but when i'm RIGHT der watching her eat my fud i dun want her to hab my fud!!! So i eats it. Boring ol' plain fud.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Well well...

I fink mama haz been cheeting on me! She came home today an I just could not stop smewwing all da dogs an tings she had on her pants! She sed she had a good first day working at PetSmart...I twide to tell her dats not a pwace of work, dats where you go for interesting smells, toys, an tweats! But she insisted dat part-time every week she'd be going der wiffout me an coming home wif interesting smewwls on her pants! Ugh! Mama, you are soooo weird sometimes you do the weirdest tings!!!
I mean, she goes in da "oshun" an does "Scuuuba divin" an she has tons of snakes (land fish) an fish tanks an gah der is so much stuff dat is FISH (bad).
WHy oh WHY mama????

Friday, August 12, 2011

gettin big

mama sed i shud put dis up too...cuz it shows what a big boy i am now! i agwee. I'm a purty big boy now..doh dis isn't weewy up to date. I'm much bigga now!

Dah memorieze

Mama sez she wemembers wen i was weawwy widdle. Dat I had a pink nose! I twide to cwoss my eyes an see mah nose but i dun see pink ...she sez der is a widdle tiny spot on da end that keeps me from being a
"show basset" ...i tink dats siwwy cuz i show people i'm a basset aw da time! Anyway, so i wooked back in da dey, to see whut she meant!

I guess i did hab a pink nose! swiwwy mama.

I wemember...

I wemember my fust baff. Mama an dada an i had just come fwom a pwace dat i fink had odder bassets wike me! dey were wittle wike me, but i dun wemember dem much. i know it wuz my fust time in daw caw, an we dwove and dwove but i was asweep. wen i got to my house fo da furst time, we went inside an i met daisy! she kept wunning away fwom me! but i woved to bite at her feet an gib her kisses! But den...den the furst time of horrible happened.  DIS!

it was howwible! but dat watah was pretty dirty, an der was fees (mama says fleas) an so i guess i needed it kinda. I swept in mamas lap in a towel, jus like i do now!

still don wike baffs doh!

Monday, August 8, 2011


Boy my mama, i tells you...sometimes she weawwy neds a stern....a stern....lick in da face! Yestahday, she WEFT me, WIF dada....AGAIN! I was wif dayze for wike, 4 hours wif only da doggy door, an some food, an watah an my bed, an my toys, an i just had to lie in da sun until she got home! WHen she got here, she had MORE LANDFISH! dats wite, now my mama an my dada have 7 landfish. i don get it! I don mind dem i guess, but i get weel jealos when mama an dada sit in da floor an feed da landfish. i don want der food, i dun care bout dem, but i go an put my head in mama's lap in case she forgets i'm da basset who iz here too! an BETTAH den landfish! anyway, dat wuz not da worse betrayal.

today, i gots a baff : (

As you can pwainwee see, i am aw wet! it is so discoraging. she, mama, worshed me everweewhare! i got sad an just laid down in da watah in da showah. i twied to tell her dat the champoo bottle said it was for babies, not bassets, but she said i wuz her baby. I haff to agree der, but baffs are tupid. Otay so den, i wuz COWLD...hewwo mama, i'm a wet basset! i pwayed for a while to stay warm, but i was screaming so much mama an dada made me stop so den i sat wif mama an twied to stay warm. it iz a hawd life.

otay, so her is where mama keeps her pictures of aw her tupid bugs an landfish.
landsfish an bugs, ew.

she keeps tewwing me dat dey are cute, but i just keep telling her back dat I'M cute, so I shuld hab aw her attenshun! Duh mama!!! An NO MOW BAFFS! sheesh!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

bwah yo u interwebs!

My interwebs haz been out an slow! Don't it know dat I gots tuff ta say? AN mama spwayed breff stuff on mah toys cuz she say I got bad dog breff! Uh, hewwo mama..yeh Cuz imma dog! AN she keeps tweatining me wiff a baff... ugh an dada told her to! Dis iz so fwustrating fora widdle innocent basset! Tim came an tormented me befowah bed too...wife Pizza so hawd sometimes....
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Monday, August 1, 2011


Tim is dis Guy dat Dada sez comez fwom timland. He's a jerk! He's aways twiing ta GET me befowa bedtime! Hiz name iz Tim, he keeps cawwing me Tim, an he's fwom stupid timwand!! Tim...I hate dat Guy!!!
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