Tuesday, August 30, 2011

she learned fwom me!

Mama sed she wote dis wen i was a baby. I'm gonna put it up here so you can see cuz I am a pretty gud teecher!

Everything important in life, I learned from Bowser.

It's okay if someone takes your toy, just get another. They're all over and they all need to have a good bite anyway.
Look forward to meal-times. No regrets; fill your belly. Most of the time it's what's good for you, but sometimes it might just be something delicious (like puureena), and that's okay too.
Getting comfortable can take a while. It's okay to fuss a little, but you'd save yourself a lot of trouble if you just laid on your back with your paws in the air on the first try.
Love unconditionally. It shows in your sweet eyes and effects everyone around you in a positive way.
Don't get disappointed when things don't go your way. Pick yourself up and try again. Barking and biting helps sometimes.
Become oblivious to the bath-times and ear cleanings of life. It's necessary, usually overwith fast, and you're better for it in the end anyway.
You look cute in your tight shirt, even if your pants are too big. However that shouldn't really matter to you unless someone's stuck a squeaker in them.
Having someone to wake up to is priceless. Never take that for granted or you could end up crying all day and pushing your pen to the carpet.
Never worry about what other people think... Unless they live with you or have purina, they probably don't matter anyway.
Don't stress over mistakes. Learn from them, and you can move on without someone getting out the rolled up newspaper (You can probably chew that up later though).
Let people know when you need something. It's better than feeling sorry for yourself or stinking up the room because you didn't ask for help to go outside.
Be greatful for the little things. Sometimes happiness is only a warm blanket, scrap in the kitchen, or kiss on the nose away.
Explore everything. Something is bound to be worth sinking your teeth into.


  1. Bowsah, my Momma said you give good advice. She wants to print it out and hang it up on her wall at work. So when the day is rough, she can read your wise words and smile. Maybe even share it with a student or 2.


    PS: My Momma's students are like your Mama's landfish. They are always taking her away from cuddling and playing with me! Students are landfish maybe?

  2. I fink mama would be happy to let you hab my words of wizdom! i'm pwetty smat. smert. Smart.

    If der is somefing taking away your mama-time it is pwobaby calwed "wurk" or "landfish" *nod nod* it's tewwible!