Saturday, August 6, 2011

bwah yo u interwebs!

My interwebs haz been out an slow! Don't it know dat I gots tuff ta say? AN mama spwayed breff stuff on mah toys cuz she say I got bad dog breff! Uh, hewwo mama..yeh Cuz imma dog! AN she keeps tweatining me wiff a baff... ugh an dada told her to! Dis iz so fwustrating fora widdle innocent basset! Tim came an tormented me befowah bed too...wife Pizza so hawd sometimes....
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  1. Yuck! My Momma says if I keep rolling around in the big field I'll need a baffers too. Boo to Mommas, right Bowsah?

  2. Yeah! Boo to mamas!! Aww I dun meanit, I lurb mama sooo much! haha besides, she pwomised me a baff today but den she was too tired to gimmie one! hehe