Friday, August 12, 2011

I wemember...

I wemember my fust baff. Mama an dada an i had just come fwom a pwace dat i fink had odder bassets wike me! dey were wittle wike me, but i dun wemember dem much. i know it wuz my fust time in daw caw, an we dwove and dwove but i was asweep. wen i got to my house fo da furst time, we went inside an i met daisy! she kept wunning away fwom me! but i woved to bite at her feet an gib her kisses! But den...den the furst time of horrible happened.  DIS!

it was howwible! but dat watah was pretty dirty, an der was fees (mama says fleas) an so i guess i needed it kinda. I swept in mamas lap in a towel, jus like i do now!

still don wike baffs doh!

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