Monday, August 29, 2011

dumb tickle bugs

mama an dada aw so weird, i know i say dis all da tyme. So, dis time dey ar weird cuz dey put a dumb tickle bug on my nose! I was very curious, yes, but dada shuld hab let me eat it or someting.
mama callwed dis a "playing mantiss" i fink

it's hawd to see it, cuz it's so small but it was a nose tickle bug! I sat vewwy still, in hopes dat it wouldn't tickle much. I sat still before it wuz on my nose, during it being on my nose an tickling, an i sat vewy still aftah because i admit...i wuz kind of confuzed! mama an dada tought it was funny, an sed dey wanted a pictuah of it on da end of my nose, but were afraid i would lick da bug off....well YEAH! so, i didn't get to pway wif it anymoh. it's okay cuz it tickled.

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