Monday, August 29, 2011

big bugs

i dun go near deez bugs much, an dey don't come out in da house much, which is gud. i'd just step on dem wif my big paws.
mama an dada have 4 baby of deez bugs, an two big ones dat are MEAN. well i dun know, but dat's what mama sez. Da odder day she came home from wurk an had dis BIG bug dat has pink on it! i didn't weally care, but mama sed dat someone was going to FROW IT AWAY! now, i dun care bout bugs, but no ting shuld be twon away! dats mean! so, I approve wen mama sed NO don't frow it away! an took it home to be wif us. besides, i wike dat mama wikes da bug, even if i dun care.
here is da bug (mama cawled it a rose-haiw tarantula) an den here is siwwy mama holding da new bug, an one of da old baby bugs

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