Wednesday, August 17, 2011


mama sed she had a good day at wurk today. it wuz her second day, an all da boss people were impressed wif her. she wuz all happy, but she goes back tomorrow! i will miss her! i'm happy mamas happy, but why does she haveta go? :( she sez it's so she can earn "mun-ee" so dat she can get me fud an toys. i told her i dun like mah fud anyway, an i have pwenty of toys!


  1. Bowsah, if your momma works at Petsmart (best place ever!!!), then there is more of a chance that she'll come home with toys, treats, or not-so-yucky foodz. Where my Momma works, all she'd come home with is a silly book or something. That's not so much fun for me (though Momma loves them). You have a really cool momma...I might have to come live with you!

  2. We agree with Molly. Petsmart is the best place for her to'll get stuff! My momma is trying to get a job at a pet supply store too, I hope! I hope! I hope!
    ~Annie O.

  3. yeh, mama does seem more happy. i fink beforah she wurked (and weft me) at some office pwace. i went der once or twice, but she was aways kind of sad and stwessed out! mama sez she wants to go to "manegemant" or somting at petsmawt. dada sez hez worried shell bwing home more pets! mama tinks dats funny! i hope if she does ican pway wif dem! today is her tird day...she sez shes gonna twi to get me a pwesent =) i hope so!

  4. You don't want her to bring home pets from there, Bowsah! All they have are hamsters, birds, fish, and maybe even land fish. Though our Petsmart has kitties up for adoption. Momma takes us to say hi when we go there, but we don't care...we have kitties at home. We like to go sniffing instead. There's good stuff to be found. Maybe your momma can take you to see where she works sometime.

  5. Bowsah-- wow, i bet your Ma would be GREAT at work. She knows a lot about animals and seems to be really passionate about them.

    yeah, i bet ya miss her. just tell her you need dubble treats and dubble hugs if she's gonna leave you like that.