Monday, August 8, 2011


Boy my mama, i tells you...sometimes she weawwy neds a stern....a stern....lick in da face! Yestahday, she WEFT me, WIF dada....AGAIN! I was wif dayze for wike, 4 hours wif only da doggy door, an some food, an watah an my bed, an my toys, an i just had to lie in da sun until she got home! WHen she got here, she had MORE LANDFISH! dats wite, now my mama an my dada have 7 landfish. i don get it! I don mind dem i guess, but i get weel jealos when mama an dada sit in da floor an feed da landfish. i don want der food, i dun care bout dem, but i go an put my head in mama's lap in case she forgets i'm da basset who iz here too! an BETTAH den landfish! anyway, dat wuz not da worse betrayal.

today, i gots a baff : (

As you can pwainwee see, i am aw wet! it is so discoraging. she, mama, worshed me everweewhare! i got sad an just laid down in da watah in da showah. i twied to tell her dat the champoo bottle said it was for babies, not bassets, but she said i wuz her baby. I haff to agree der, but baffs are tupid. Otay so den, i wuz COWLD...hewwo mama, i'm a wet basset! i pwayed for a while to stay warm, but i was screaming so much mama an dada made me stop so den i sat wif mama an twied to stay warm. it iz a hawd life.

otay, so her is where mama keeps her pictures of aw her tupid bugs an landfish.
landsfish an bugs, ew.

she keeps tewwing me dat dey are cute, but i just keep telling her back dat I'M cute, so I shuld hab aw her attenshun! Duh mama!!! An NO MOW BAFFS! sheesh!


  1. We just found your blog and you are very handsome boy. We are 3 bassets that live in Illinois. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  2. Bowser's mom here...Bowser pretty much does his own typing for his blog, kind of just a silly thing he does for me to read later. I've tried to have blogs before, but never seem to keep them up, however I find that when Bowser blogs, it's just a little piece of our lives that I enjoy keeping up on ; )
    We just found a basset rescue in our area. It's kind of far so I haven't done as much as I'd like to with them, but after I find some more work I'm sure gas money won't be a problem then! I love my baby Bowser soooo much! We hope to foster (which i'm sure will turn into us owning as many as we can) once we are able to get a house. I look forward to reading your blog! Bowser says "HI, i wud wike to give you to kisses."