Tuesday, August 16, 2011

why i gotta eat bad fud?

okay so, i wuv mama an all, but why does she keep feeding me bad fud? Well it's OKAY food, but most of da time if i wait an don't eat it, she'll put cheese in it, or meat broth! If i just hold out...i get BETTAH fud. But now mama says she's tired of weaving my food down for me to eat cuz den daisy goes an eats it! Mama an dada say dat dayze is fat! I fink dat if dayse wants dat pwain ol' fud, she can hab it!

But just since yestahday, mama has been fussing and wussing at me an won't let me go lie down until i finish my food. AN she calls daise in an gibs her a bite of my food if i dun eat it! DAT makes me eat up all dat nasty fud, cuz daisy can hab my fud if i'm not der wooking at it, but when i'm RIGHT der watching her eat my fud i dun want her to hab my fud!!! So i eats it. Boring ol' plain fud.

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