Monday, May 23, 2011

Mama day!

I wuv my mama. I got her a bwanket. I made it, sorta!


Ugh we had to dwive to OWEGON again! I hate dat dwive! But when we got to Weeno, da pwace we always spend da night, i found lots of tings to lick on da floor : ) Daisy found stuff too, but mama took it away fwom her. Anyways, we made it to owegon and gwandma and gwandpas house! we got der an it SNOWED. Den daisy an i pwayed and pwayed in da grass and i WUV it! Heres da pwobwem doh....mama is GONE. i keep wooking for her in da house, and all ovah, but i can't sniff her out! I'm gonna keep wooking.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

wut dis?

mama showd me somefing WEIRD da odda day. i just couldn't catch it! so i gabe up.

wut dis ting?

did i ebber tell you wut mama did to ma tail? she said it wuz for "eeester" whutever dat means!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


mama went out da odda day an got whut she cawls a "new fone". It's real shiney an makes funny sounds. I saw her put it on her table by her big comfy chair an so latah i might go chew dat up for her.


I fink someting is up...mama keeps saying "oregon" an talking about visiting gwandma an gwandpa. I wuv dem but i hate bein in da car all da way der for so long...i wondah if we're goin'? dey have da BEST purina der...but...hmmm
mama an dada awso keep talkin'bout a "twip" to "awstrella" or someting..mama said it was tree weeks...what's a week? i fink she means she needs to go out to potty cuz she's weeking? i dunno
i shua hope it dodn't mean mama is weaving me!