Monday, November 28, 2011

U wanna share?

Mama towd me to ask foh addresses fwom all my basset fwinds. She said she wuz gonna make me healfee, gud, tasteee, not allergic tweats for christmas! Mama wurks for da next six days doh, so it won't be for a couple weeks. But she said she thought it wud be good to share wiff eberyone. I'm nice an not mind sharing :)

u can email mama at an dun forget to put in da subject dat yoo wanna eat tweats!


I dun feel good today. i gots my heartworm medicine last night, so mama finks dat may be it....but i is awso havin a bit of an eye goop issue wiff one eye. i fink maybe my sinisus....i been BLAH all day. I ates my food twice doh.
Mama got cawd into work until 9 i is more bummed. i wills update wattter. booo icky :( seems wike a wot of bassets is sick watewe! icky :(

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Mama an dada went cwazy...again. Dis tyme I's had ta sit der an wait foh mama to take pictuah aftah pictuah while dada held a tweat up! I dwooled all ovah mah beard. Daisy had ta do it so did da odda landfish! OH well, i finawwy got dat tweat doh!

Friday, November 25, 2011

child custurdy

Isn't dat wut its cawd when da mama leaves an da Dada sgot to take care of da twiddle ones instead o da good ol mama doin things? I mean mama knows where struff goes, where da food I's...AND wemembas to feed us. Dada forgets to do dat wast one, AND he took down da sliding gwass dog door Cuz it's so cold. Now we has to go tell Dada we needs outside! Takes fohevah foh him to pause his Xbox (its not werwy cardboard so I dun her why its cawd a box!) An wet us out! Pee in da front Dada, poop in da back! Well anyway i's gonna twi to make mama sleep now. I may be a siwwy Basset


ut even I know its gonna b c


xy foh her wurkin retail on tankshgivin shopping day sale!  Sleeeep mama!

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Mama an I were seeping but Dada woke us up!

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

i'm tankfull

i's tankfull foh mama, an dada, an daizy. i's not tankfull i didn't get to twi turkeys today! mama an dada tought i'd be allergic since i's allergic to lots of stuff anyways. it's prolly true. i did get to eat some whipped cream doh, a widdle bit on da flooah :)
weelly, i dun know what i'm missin, so i guess it's otay! :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

sad :(

i's got in twoubble again. mama had da day off wurk, an so she an i slept in! (dats gud!) but den i woke up befoah her an came downstairs an....knocked ovah da twashcan an spilled it all out ovah da flooah!
I knew i did bad. wen mama came down, i hid in my bed. She wuz all quite in da kitchen cweaning it up...but den she twicked me. She got bweakfast out, an gabe daizy i waited. I waited. finalwwy i came in da kitchen, an dat's wen mama caught me an shook da twash can at me an towd me i wuz bad :(
Aftah i got punished, she gabe me brweakfast doh.

I's been in my bed aseep now.

I KNOWS i gets in twouble wen i get into da twash. WHy do i dos it den?? poor me!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

gotta go!

it's been waining...i dun wanna go potty in da wain! I been holding in da poo! I gotta go, but i's not gonna go in da wain! i made mama take me out da fwont door, an i pee'd unda da oveah-hang ...i's not weely supposed ta do dat in the townhouse complex...uh, but hewwo's WAINING.

How am i supposed to go poop? :(

Thursday, November 17, 2011

poor famawee

Furst Dada got sick, now mama iz den Daisy frew up in her bed wast nite, an mama sez she finks dayze did it again, but dat we're goin back to seep foh a bit wonger Cuz mama haz to weeve an go to wurk soon. BUT mama sez she had to eurk hard so she stands out, Cuz den too get morah hours. I towd her to wurk soft an stand in, so den I gets mor hours wiff her! Silly mama sez she may gonna have to wurk at an office job again,Eben doh petsmawrt iz so cool. Sumtin about dat dawn munny stuff again.

I sez  MAMA!  We don't need munny stuff! Wets go huntin for foods! But she pointed out that all I find in da woods iz deer poops to eat an she Don wanna et dat.  WElllll fine den mama yoo cen juss hab da odder poos i be find! Siwwy mama

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Monday, November 14, 2011

mama's wap

dis wut i do all da tyme. i wook forward to it! nofing is bettah den lying wiff mama on da flooah, an gettin weady for a nap!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

yeah so..

i's kinda bein a brat write now. So what?? i totally stole a wrapper from dada's trash. yeah, he caught me, an yelled at me, but i just wan down stairs an hid by mama. she told me she wuzn't gonna pwotect me, so i just sat der wooking upstairs wiff my ears up an twin to figuah out whut happened!

i awso got a wrappah fwom mama's twash tonighte! yeah, no wules foh me! i's totally a big dowg, i can do wut i's want!

i wuz bad :(

i got up in da morning an wuz by i thought i'd comfort myself by sitting in mama's chair! i got up weelized i'd be much more comforted if i found some i wooked an wooked, an knocked off all kinds of not-chapstick stuff off onto the floor....i didn't find any :( but i did find bwight wed lipstick! only a few nibbles der....but i also found...hawoweeen candy! just a bit.

mama came downstairs an go weely mad at me, an made me get in my bed an woulnd't let me out :( i was sad, an den fell aseep.  Aftah she went to work...dada was home! so, to comfort dada dat mama wuz gone, i fought i'd getup in her chair to be near him...he didn't seem to mind, so i thought he wouldn't mind if i just took another wook at dat table for some haowoeen i got spanked! I didn't hurt, an ihab no idea why he did dat! he was fussing an yelling, an i just started at him an wagged my tail an walked away. dada's kinda always yellin to himself anyway : )

Monday, November 7, 2011


eberyting is finawwy back to normal. well dats not tru...its been waining! i hate da wain! i absolutely canNOT go out potty in da wain. I mean, i can, if mama makes me, but it's much bettah to go out in da fwont yard in da wain. so, i ask an ask an ask wen mama gets home cuz i won't go out da back : )

mama an dada had pizza (i didn't get none ):  an watche tupid movies tonight. But it was COWLD cuz of da wain, so i asked mama ovah an ovah to sit in her wap an get warm! she always gives in : ) we got a bwanket an i went to seep, an mama compwained a few times dat her wegs wuz crwamped up, an der wuzn't woom foh me, but we managed!

eben daizy sat wiff dada! otay, well, i fink i'm gonna go up ta bed an pway wiff a squeakah toy an den get all warm wiff mama an seep in, cuz she don haveta wurk tomorrow!! But mama sed she's gonna get a SECOND job soon! i fink dats horrible cuz it's wess mama time. but, hey, someone haz ta buy da pureena around here so i's undahstands! shes onwy wurkin part-tyme anyways. i's still misses my mama doh. Maybe daizy can get a job so mama haz to wurk less! : )

Sunday, November 6, 2011

weft! again!

i tells you da wife of a basset iz a hawd ting. mama an dada twicked me da odda day, and weft me an daizy wif liska an callie (dada's mom & dad's dogs)...i had gone outside in da gwass, an wuz wunning wiff daizy an wen i came back...mama an dada were gone!!! apparwentwee dey went to sum pwace cawd "meks-i-ko"...sum town cawed "pwerto vie-ar-ta" yoo guessed it...went DIVING. i can't beweeve mama iz awaz weeving me for tupid feesh!

Here, see da evadence?

dey took pictuahs to be insulting

and DEN dada did even moh! He took Videos!!!
Just to be MOH insulting!

I dun know wut to fink. dey didn't even bwing me back anyfing. i was weely happy to see dem wen dey got back, but i did twi to ignoah dem wen we got home. mama did twi to make it up to me, but i iz having none of dat. i mean, weely, de weft me, den dey got home an messed around wiff da airsqueakah, an da landfish, an da fish-feesh, an den expect me to be nice? no! I kinda got ovah it doh, cuz i got weel itchy again while dey were gone so i got a hydro-kort-i-zone spway baff, an some benidryl, so i waz kinna sweepy. mama an dada been weel nice to me, an making me feel bettah, an i got tweats, so...maybe i's forgibe dem a bit. i kinda too sweepy to be mad still.
but i did make surah to glare at dem a bit. dey need to know, aftah all. dey shudn't weave der bowser!!!