Monday, November 28, 2011


I dun feel good today. i gots my heartworm medicine last night, so mama finks dat may be it....but i is awso havin a bit of an eye goop issue wiff one eye. i fink maybe my sinisus....i been BLAH all day. I ates my food twice doh.
Mama got cawd into work until 9 i is more bummed. i wills update wattter. booo icky :( seems wike a wot of bassets is sick watewe! icky :(


  1. Annie hopes you feel better very soon!!! :)

  2. I hope you feel better soon, Bowsah! Santa is coming, so you have to feel better so you can get all your presents and eat all your treats!

    Do you go see Santa at Petsmart? I do and Winston will too this year. Maybe since your Momma works there, she can get you a special meeting with him and you can tell him all about your special basset friends and how good they are (hint hint).

    Anyway, feel better!


  3. I's all bettah! I wuz sad an icky all day, but wen dada came home fwom wurk he took me foh a walk an den wen mama got home i hab been happy an all feelin good!!!

    Mowwy, i fink dey do hab santa at petsmawt...but for halloweeny dey had pictuahs but dey were weely tupid an dun wiff a cheap camera an backdrop so mama innit too sure about xmas tuff. I dun weely get tweats anymoh eaddah (i usually just get a peice o dog fud, which is tastey an i dun know da difference) cuz i'm so allergic to eberyting. maybe mama will make me punkin tweats doh!