Monday, November 28, 2011

U wanna share?

Mama towd me to ask foh addresses fwom all my basset fwinds. She said she wuz gonna make me healfee, gud, tasteee, not allergic tweats for christmas! Mama wurks for da next six days doh, so it won't be for a couple weeks. But she said she thought it wud be good to share wiff eberyone. I'm nice an not mind sharing :)

u can email mama at an dun forget to put in da subject dat yoo wanna eat tweats!

1 comment:

  1. I looove treats, so I have to get in on that! My Momma just bought a dehydrator and it came to the house yesterday. She says that there are too many stories about doggies getting sick from unknown sources of ingredients that are in my treats. She said between that and the history of allergies in my doggy family, she wants me to only eat treats she makes (besides, I could stand to lose a few pounds). She bought sweet potatoes today and said she would make them this weekend. If all goes well, maybe she can send you treats too, Bowsah!