Wednesday, November 9, 2011

i wuz bad :(

i got up in da morning an wuz by i thought i'd comfort myself by sitting in mama's chair! i got up weelized i'd be much more comforted if i found some i wooked an wooked, an knocked off all kinds of not-chapstick stuff off onto the floor....i didn't find any :( but i did find bwight wed lipstick! only a few nibbles der....but i also found...hawoweeen candy! just a bit.

mama came downstairs an go weely mad at me, an made me get in my bed an woulnd't let me out :( i was sad, an den fell aseep.  Aftah she went to work...dada was home! so, to comfort dada dat mama wuz gone, i fought i'd getup in her chair to be near him...he didn't seem to mind, so i thought he wouldn't mind if i just took another wook at dat table for some haowoeen i got spanked! I didn't hurt, an ihab no idea why he did dat! he was fussing an yelling, an i just started at him an wagged my tail an walked away. dada's kinda always yellin to himself anyway : )


  1. Bowser, you can have everything on the table BUT the Halloween Candy. You don't want Halloween candy because that might make you have a trip to the Dogter (vet man). That would be no fun. Maybe you should be thinking about asking Santa for some new toys. :) Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  2. Yeah Bowsah, no candy. Momma says it's bad for doggies and can make them sick...but I think she just wants it all for herself. Greedy Momma.

    When we get bored, we like to chew on the dining room chair and throw up on the rug. I always blame Winston ;)

  3. oh it wuz only one of doze hawwoween was tree whopper balls in one package. like, tree bites, an den da wrappah to pway wiff! i's totally got da valentine's candy befoah. got it wite off da countah! ate da whole box! It wuz a small box. One time i got some milk duds, an mama got mad at me an made me frow dem up. it akshully takes a wot of chocolate to hurt a big basset wike me, but mama made me frow up anyway :(
    I's been on kind of a wampage. I's a bid dowg an don't need to follow wules!!!

    (dat will show mama to pay attenshun to ladnfish instead of me~)

  4. Winston likes to piddle on the floor when Momma and Daddy sit down to have dinner. Then when they are cleaning it up, we try to steal their food. Hehe.