Thursday, November 17, 2011

poor famawee

Furst Dada got sick, now mama iz den Daisy frew up in her bed wast nite, an mama sez she finks dayze did it again, but dat we're goin back to seep foh a bit wonger Cuz mama haz to weeve an go to wurk soon. BUT mama sez she had to eurk hard so she stands out, Cuz den too get morah hours. I towd her to wurk soft an stand in, so den I gets mor hours wiff her! Silly mama sez she may gonna have to wurk at an office job again,Eben doh petsmawrt iz so cool. Sumtin about dat dawn munny stuff again.

I sez  MAMA!  We don't need munny stuff! Wets go huntin for foods! But she pointed out that all I find in da woods iz deer poops to eat an she Don wanna et dat.  WElllll fine den mama yoo cen juss hab da odder poos i be find! Siwwy mama

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  1. We hope everyone gets to feeling better. We don't understand why they don't like deer poops. We think they are yummy treats on our walks. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  2. Maybe you can find your mama some goose poops. We like those A LOT! Maybe she will too.

    Mowwy and Winston