Sunday, November 20, 2011

gotta go!

it's been waining...i dun wanna go potty in da wain! I been holding in da poo! I gotta go, but i's not gonna go in da wain! i made mama take me out da fwont door, an i pee'd unda da oveah-hang ...i's not weely supposed ta do dat in the townhouse complex...uh, but hewwo's WAINING.

How am i supposed to go poop? :(


  1. LOL...poor Bowser. Annie isn't enjoying the rain either :(

  2. Oh no, Bowsah! me dunno either. we have a covered garage for the complex, so i goes on the concrete.

  3. i wike to go on da concweet by da fence...but it's too wainy!

    Aldoh, it did stop today, so i went out and poooooooo'd foh a wong time :)

  4. I hold mine too, Bowasah. Momma tried to make me go in the yard in the rain and I say NO WAY MOMMA!! HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT?? Then I run back in the house. I gotta go pretty bad to go in the wet yard.

    Only silly puppies like Winston don't care if it rains. He likes to stand in puddles. Crazy!