Friday, November 25, 2011

child custurdy

Isn't dat wut its cawd when da mama leaves an da Dada sgot to take care of da twiddle ones instead o da good ol mama doin things? I mean mama knows where struff goes, where da food I's...AND wemembas to feed us. Dada forgets to do dat wast one, AND he took down da sliding gwass dog door Cuz it's so cold. Now we has to go tell Dada we needs outside! Takes fohevah foh him to pause his Xbox (its not werwy cardboard so I dun her why its cawd a box!) An wet us out! Pee in da front Dada, poop in da back! Well anyway i's gonna twi to make mama sleep now. I may be a siwwy Basset


ut even I know its gonna b c


xy foh her wurkin retail on tankshgivin shopping day sale!  Sleeeep mama!

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  1. Hmph! Daddies never do things the same as Mommas...never! I hope your Momma gets back to taking care of you soon, Bowsah.

  2. good spewwing wuz wurse than usual. tanks mama's phone!