Monday, November 7, 2011


eberyting is finawwy back to normal. well dats not tru...its been waining! i hate da wain! i absolutely canNOT go out potty in da wain. I mean, i can, if mama makes me, but it's much bettah to go out in da fwont yard in da wain. so, i ask an ask an ask wen mama gets home cuz i won't go out da back : )

mama an dada had pizza (i didn't get none ):  an watche tupid movies tonight. But it was COWLD cuz of da wain, so i asked mama ovah an ovah to sit in her wap an get warm! she always gives in : ) we got a bwanket an i went to seep, an mama compwained a few times dat her wegs wuz crwamped up, an der wuzn't woom foh me, but we managed!

eben daizy sat wiff dada! otay, well, i fink i'm gonna go up ta bed an pway wiff a squeakah toy an den get all warm wiff mama an seep in, cuz she don haveta wurk tomorrow!! But mama sed she's gonna get a SECOND job soon! i fink dats horrible cuz it's wess mama time. but, hey, someone haz ta buy da pureena around here so i's undahstands! shes onwy wurkin part-tyme anyways. i's still misses my mama doh. Maybe daizy can get a job so mama haz to wurk less! : )

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  1. I'm glad your mama and dada are back, Bowsah. That means you get to play with the computer again. We all missed you (me especially)!