Tuesday, November 22, 2011

sad :(

i's got in twoubble again. mama had da day off wurk, an so she an i slept in! (dats gud!) but den i woke up befoah her an came downstairs an....knocked ovah da twashcan an spilled it all out ovah da flooah!
I knew i did bad. wen mama came down, i hid in my bed. She wuz all quite in da kitchen cweaning it up...but den she twicked me. She got bweakfast out, an gabe daizy some...so i waited. I waited. finalwwy i came in da kitchen, an dat's wen mama caught me an shook da twash can at me an towd me i wuz bad :(
Aftah i got punished, she gabe me brweakfast doh.

I's been in my bed aseep now.

I KNOWS i gets in twouble wen i get into da twash. WHy do i dos it den?? poor me!


  1. Awww Bowsah, don't do that. Tonight Winston was after the trash cuz Momma thre the fatty part of the beef roast in there. He wouldn't leave it alone, no matter how many times he was told not to bother it. Finally, Daddy had to take the trash out in the pouring rain!

    I know trash smells good, but there's lots of bad stuff in there that can make you sick, Bowsah, and I don't want you to be sick. Stay out of it and stay out of trouble :)


  2. Mowwy, no no see, i fink dat maybe i'm infenceable or someting. I hab gotten into a WOT of tings in my youff. Mama hugs me sometimes an says she wondahs how i hab been around so long cuz she's such a bad mama! But i kisses her nose an purr (i do dat) an tell her she's a gweat mama! (hab you heard me purr or sing? mama twise to get it on video but when i hear da video turns on i stop).

    Anyway, da past two weeks or so i hab gotten into da twash FOUR times! i decided i habn't been in da twash for a wong time so i needed to catch up. Oh, an i decided i'm infenceable. der was eben chicken bones in der da oddah day! I'm weel fast too. wike, in 60 seconds wen mama an dada's upstairs i can hab dat can ovah an get just da bad stuff out :)

    Well, maybe i do know i's not supposed to do twash...i did hide in my bed today wen mama went in der...she didn't even say anyting, i just knew she was gonna be mad doh!

    I wundah what all da fuss is?
    I've survived da chicken bones, an chocolate, an chapstick...an gettin into vitamin pill bottles, an moah candy, an cookies, an gwass an pwants, an dirt, an all kinds o stuff. I fink i'm suppah-tummy-bowsah!

  3. I think you are infenceable too, Bowsah, and you do have a super tummy. I can't believe you ate all that! My brother, on the other hand, throws up when he's happy, excited, eating grass, anytime. Trash would definitely make him sick.

    Your Momma isn't a bad momma...she just has a hard time keeping up with you when you have your mind set on something. Bassets are stubborn and that's just the way it is.

  4. You can come live at our house. We don't have a trash can anywhere in the house. We keep our garbage in a small bag that is placed high on top of the counters out of Winston's reach. We have never been able to find a garbage can that was Basset proof. But we know how them hound noses work though. Have a great day and stay out of the garbage. BOL Sniffs, The HoundDogs