Sunday, November 6, 2011

weft! again!

i tells you da wife of a basset iz a hawd ting. mama an dada twicked me da odda day, and weft me an daizy wif liska an callie (dada's mom & dad's dogs)...i had gone outside in da gwass, an wuz wunning wiff daizy an wen i came back...mama an dada were gone!!! apparwentwee dey went to sum pwace cawd "meks-i-ko"...sum town cawed "pwerto vie-ar-ta" yoo guessed it...went DIVING. i can't beweeve mama iz awaz weeving me for tupid feesh!

Here, see da evadence?

dey took pictuahs to be insulting

and DEN dada did even moh! He took Videos!!!
Just to be MOH insulting!

I dun know wut to fink. dey didn't even bwing me back anyfing. i was weely happy to see dem wen dey got back, but i did twi to ignoah dem wen we got home. mama did twi to make it up to me, but i iz having none of dat. i mean, weely, de weft me, den dey got home an messed around wiff da airsqueakah, an da landfish, an da fish-feesh, an den expect me to be nice? no! I kinda got ovah it doh, cuz i got weel itchy again while dey were gone so i got a hydro-kort-i-zone spway baff, an some benidryl, so i waz kinna sweepy. mama an dada been weel nice to me, an making me feel bettah, an i got tweats, so...maybe i's forgibe dem a bit. i kinda too sweepy to be mad still.
but i did make surah to glare at dem a bit. dey need to know, aftah all. dey shudn't weave der bowser!!!

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