Thursday, October 27, 2011


powah mama...she's been wurking so much watewee! I hab been twying to get as much time wif her az i can, so i habn't been on da computah much either.
She went to da POUND (i fink dat is a bad pwace, Daisy sez she's been der an it's howwible, so i'm gwad ive never had to go der!) an brought guessed it...MORE landfish! i guess deez landfish needed a home. Der iz two of dem. Bowff of dem are juss wike two odder landfeesh mama has...she cawls dem "ball pyfons". I fink mama has wike...11 landfish now...weelly!  One of dem eben i felt sowwy for because it was weely skinny. Hey, i guess eben landfish can eat *rolls eyes* wutevah, i still bite my landfish toy whenebber mama spends too much time wiff dem instead of me!

So, i guess one day wen we hab our own house mama is gonna be taking in all kind of landfish...she called it a "snake wescue". She is twying to come up wiff a name for her wescue. I suggested "toopid landfeesh pwace dat takes my mama" but she wudn't go for it =P

OH i did get to go to da dog pawk today!!! I wan and wan and WAN wiff dis one dog. I is sooo tired tonight! good funs : )

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