Saturday, October 1, 2011

one post of winks

Otay, juss to catch yoo aw up on my wife a bit. i mean see, mama an dada wike to WEAVE me a wot! it's howwible! dey do dis ting where dey weave me to go to WURK, an den one time dey weft me to go to a pwace cawd den dey weave me to go skuba divin. Well, i FINK mama an dada arr goin to anudder pwace in Novembuh. Dats onwy at da end of dis monff! i dun want to fink about it!
Otay, so anyway, sumtimes i weelize i talk about fings dat might not make sense. so here is aw mama's winks to all her fotos of tings dat her an dada do. I figuah dis iz da best way to catch yoo aw up, in case you wonda why dey ar so weird!
dis mama's scuba fotos
dis some australia fotos
dis some siwwy australia stuff
dis some in australia
Dada sez he wants mama do to dis aw da tyme, an he BOUGHT kyacks. wutevah! dey been sittin in da garage for wike, months! siwwy dada LOL
dis dada's fotos of undahwatah in australia
der is one of mama wif a giant feesh! mama, dats juss howwible.
dis mama's fotos of undawatah in australia
mama sez her expenseeve camera strobe wuz messed up...she was maaaad! she wuden't let me eat it doh, to make it bettah. oh well!
dis der birffdays befoah i came
dis some twaveling fotos befoh i came
see? dey twavel. i hope dey stop dat soon!
weck divin in san dee-eggo
not az gud az it sounds. der is no eggos der afteraw

otay so dat's all caught up now. maybe mama will stop wantin me to put up fotos now! jeez, yoo tink dis wuz her bwog or somefing! oh well, i wub mama. i gonna go give her toe kisses now!

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