Thursday, October 13, 2011

anodder baff

*sigh* mama makes me get in da showah now. she used to just put me in der, but sometimes she lets me go in da baffwoom wiff her. wike, she will be showahing, an i'll lie outside it. mama sez it's a weird hotel baffwoom. da sink is in da bedwoom, an da showah an da toilet-ting are behind a door an getting in der is weely hawd. I have ta go in and twi to go wite behind da door cuz odderwise der is no woom to shut da door. i'm used to it, so i do dat, but den now sometimes mama tells me to keep going an get in da showah...i twide to back up today when i weelized dats what she wanted, but i had to go in anyway :(

OH well, dada took me on a wok! i twide to eat a an airfish feather i found, but he tod me to spit it out...but it got stuck in my jowels. : )

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