Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I got awergees sometimes I get benagrill. I wuz winning an pwayin an den benagwill got me
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  1. Sweepy Bowsah. I hope you feel better :)

  2. mama sez i iz cute, too, but aw i'm finking is dat she needs to turn off dat camera...i'm twying to seep!
    an tanks mowwy...how iz you been doing wiff having to go to da stinky vet??

  3. I have to go to the stinky vet next week to get weighed. Momma is gonna learn to give me my shot. They're gonna yell at me for being chubby again and tell me I need a thyroid test, I just know it. Sigh,

  4. mowwy dats howwible. furstwee, yoo not chubby! daizy is chubby, an besides, dat juss means yoo more fun to cuddle wiff!
    i iz about 50lbs, but mama sez yoo can't see my ribs, but yoo can see i hab a small belly dat goes up not straight across. i dun care! i didn't wike to eat anyway...but DEN mama got new pureena. i fink she told you, it was simply nourish lamb and oatmeal, or der is nature's recipie, SOY...which smells wike garlic. After i twid boff deez...i dun itch anymor! it's gweat since i been itchy most my wife.
    otay, so anyway, if you gots da tyroid test, maybe dey find somefing an you gets a pill (hopefully wiff peanut buttah) an den you can be skinny an eat more peanut buttah!