Tuesday, October 4, 2011


i got da best surprise evah! Mama!!!
it was weely late at nite, an mama had gone to dat evil-take-mama-place, wurk.
I wuz upstairs wif dada (he twide to put da gate up, but i figurahd out how to take dat off the wall, no pwoblem!) wen all of a sudden i herd da fwont door unwocking! dada usually unwoks it for mama, but dis time i herd da key...an den it opened! I wuz so surprised! I stawted scweam/gurgle/bawking all da way down da stairs! it was a weely siwwy sound, but i cudn't help it, i wuz too excited! I FLEW ovah stuff dada had in da floor, an landed in mama's lap! der were so man kisses!!!!

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