Saturday, October 8, 2011

tupid baff

i aways hates da baffs! i got good rubs doh. An i got to seep in wiff dada today, but missed mama while she wuz at wurk. i didn't get any chicken wigs eiver...but da airfish flew ovah to mama an twide to eat some! tupid airfish! dat makes yoo a kannanabal! i fink i won't hab to try too hard to get wid ov you if yo cwazy!


  1. Bowsah, I have just the solution to your airfish problem. Well, really I have 2 solutions: their names are Zack and Nala. They are our kitty cats and they can catch ANYTHING!! Nala can catch mice like a champ! Zack is 14, but you'd never know, since he is FAST! Nala is 4 and she is fast too (she's kinda chubby, but she can still jump). I'll send them to your house for a couple of days. No more crazy airfish. But your Momma might get mad.

    Your bestest friend,
    Mowwy McFweckles

  2. Mowwy, i fink dat is a GWEAT idea. I Wuv kittykitties! An mama wuvz kittykitties! dada gets all zneezy an snorty though. we just won't tell him...maybe he won't notice???