Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Az a professional organizer i had someone else type dis list up foh me.

Bowser's rules of organization:

Mama or Dada must be near at all times.
You can ONLY poop by the back fence.
You can ONLY pee in the potty box.
Exceptions: As soon as it's dark, you may only pee on the grass in the front yard. You must bug all humans and cry until you are allowed to go out the front to pee. Pooping is still okay in the back yard by the fence, but only if the porch light is on. There is no going out the back until the porch light is on.

Water must be consumed in gallons.
At night, and once upstairs, you may only drink water upstairs. If a human tries to give you water downstairs, ignore them, go upstairs, and wait by the upstairs water bowl until the human gives in and gives you water in that location.

Every night before bed it is time to play with a toy. Squeaker toys are preferred, but quite ones are acceptable if dada is already asleep.

All toys, at any time of day, must be soft and fuzzy. No socks. No rubber.
Paper can be chewed instead of a toy, but before bed there is no exception to the toy rule.

Once in the kitchen, one rug must be lied on. If mama is at the sink, take the one by the microwave. If a human is by the microwave, don't move.

When dada makes nachos, make sure to be in the kichen salivating, because he ALWAYS drops some.

When dada leaves for work, his side of the bed is forefit.

Always guard mama when she's in the bathroom. She might never come out! Plop outside the door loudly, and if she lets you in, be wary that sometimes that means it's bath-time.

Never eat pills that you're given, only eat them if you've stolen the pill bottle for them. That way you can see what you're getting.

Make sure to keep on eye on mama's chapstick at all times. Grab it as SOON as she gets up and leaves it, that way there is plenty of time to eat it before she gets back.

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