Saturday, October 15, 2011

lazy day boo

so, today iz a lazy day for mama an dada. ugh, dat pwobaby means no wok, or no fun foh me. doh, sometimes lazy days turn out to be beach dayz...i kinda don't wike doez akshully cuz i get sand everywhah, an thometines i gets saltwatah (nasty fish watah) oh me. stupid feesh. alweady mama sept in wiffout me. i snuck by dada an wan up stairs to kiss mama in da face but den he got me an pulled me back down while mama sept in some MOH. i wuz pwetty happy to see her doh. i cwied an gurgled. i fink you may hab hurd my gurgle in a video. it's not a gwowel, an it's not a whine, but it's a gurgle. when mama doz it back i do it louder an den fweak out : )
sigh...i wike bein lazy, but dis iz weedikulous!

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