Tuesday, October 18, 2011


*sigh* well dis iz wut mama did to me da oddah night. She said dat her an dada wudn't be here for tumting cawld...hawooween..? so furst i wuz wike...wut yoo not gonna be here for WUT?? i dun care wut it iz i wunna know why dey not gonna be here!!
But den i got distwackted cuz mama went an put deez on me : (
guess dis one cawd a bananaerpuss.
diss link show a nannerpuss

dis dey cawld a mad cow. dunno a cow but yeh, i wuz mad to be a cow.

dis tomting tupid i fink wike, a poweece man or somefing. i fink mama sed she got dis foh fwee fwom somewhere, an i can tell why. it's extra tupid.

i juss gabe up at dis point. it weely da final insult. mama dun dwessed me up wike a tupid landfish. member she gots all kinds o landfish...da snakesez kind, an da airfish, well dis iz a tupid pider-landfish. i dun even care no moh. dis wuz just so much tupid dat i feww aseep!

So, dat wuz my night a few nights ago. da only good ting is she didn't dwess me up wike a fish, or an air squeakah....it wuz all juss hoomilleating. at weast it wasn't a baff. *sigh!!*

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