Wednesday, October 12, 2011

diz haz got to end

mama came home fwom wurk yestahday an brought a TOY for dat TUPID airfish! she spent wike, haff an hour pwaying wif dat airfish an teaching it to put a ball in a basket. I watched fwom my bed an den finawwy got up an watched wite next to mama. I was ignored.
Den tonite it happened again... i had to sit der while mama talked nice to dat airfish, an dat tupid airfish got pats an put a ball in a hoop! it's all tiny an it picks it up with it's sharp tupid mouwf.
Dada said dat dey shud teach daizy an me to put a ball in a hoop. i fink dat's TUPID. but if dat airfish can do it....i can do it BETTAH. we shall see.

BTW, i awmost caught dat airfish tonight when she flew from mama's chair to her tujpid smewwy cage. I waz WEEL close!! mama yelled at me an tumped me on da head, but....i'z gonna twi again anyway : )

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