Monday, October 17, 2011


went on a walk today wiff mama an dada! DEN we went to makdonawds, an mama gabe me a bite of her chicken mcnuggy! Even doh i'm not supposed to hab chicken...we came home an i kept staring at the chicken nuggies an waggin my tail, she said she coudn't wesist!
Doh she did make me wurk for it...i had to get a shampooless shampoo spray baff fiurst cuz she said i stink :(
dun she know i wurk all day on gettin dat purfeckt smell? Ugh mama.

hmm wut else....well last night mama dwessed me up in some tupid corstooms. She got pictuahs but dey iz on her phone an she iz lazy an don put dem on da computah yet.

hmm i awmost caught dat tupid airfish again da odda day, an i got yelled at, but i dun care, i iz gonna get it soon!

wets see...erm...i fink dats it foh now! i's gonna nap.


  1. Bowsah, meloves chicken nuggies too!!!
    my person buys the 20 piece for $5 & megets to partake... yum! when i was a lad & in puppy school, Mrs. C my teacher, told my person that carrots & tangerines were not gonna be good enuf for treeeats! that me needs meat or chicken & stuff like that. so after that, we went to McD's every week before class, and she'd tear up the chicken nuggies & they became trreeeeeats for class. aww, your post brought back some mem'ries for me.

    hey, me wants to see ur costumes, k?

  2. Wormie, did yo mama Nick yo tweats fwom yoo in cwass wike mine wuds hab? Mama can't wesist da nuggies Eva! An otay wormy hew iz da dweaded costumes. AZ yoo can pwainwee see I hadz been set-upon an advantaged-of at bedtime when my struggles were less affektive. I mean weely...da banana Pope? Dats offensive! I iz ashamed...except I di pulls it off wather well